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Guide To Virtual Hiring

Updated: Apr 8

While you might still prefer to meet in person with prospective candidates, that isn't always possible in today's unpredictable world. Fortunately, there are many excellent ways to make the most of your virtual interview. Scheduling is likely to be more accessible, as both yourself and the candidate can be anywhere, as long as you have access to an online device. This makes it simpler to work around two or more busy schedules.

The primary goals of an online interview include promoting your company's identity and bringing an air of professionalism to the meeting. At Zoom Virtual Office, we help with both by providing you with handy backgrounds that you create and customize to your liking. Instead of dealing with and maybe explaining a dubious background, you get to sit front and center before a scene that you have chosen to represent yourself and your company. Using a virtual interview background is a smart way to set the tone for an important interview.

What Makes Hiring Online Different

When you meet a desirable candidate in person, you shake their hand, witness a complete sense of their body language, and pick up on other clues. Perhaps you have become more comfortable with this approach as a hiring manager. Of course, it pays to remain flexible and online hiring is probably here to stay. Plus, in addition to those already mentioned, it has several advantages:

  • Your company might attract a wider pool of candidates

  • You can use your time more efficiently

  • It likely saves the company money

  • It puts a sharp focus on the candidate's communication skills

Also, it is essential to work effectively and comfortably in a virtual environment in today's world. You get to see how relaxed the interviewee is in the meeting and see how they handle any glitches that occur. Plus, if the candidate cannot navigate the requirements to attend an online interview, this could be a warning sign, especially if the position requires a high level of computer savvy.

How To Find Candidates

When hiring for any position, you want to attract as many qualified candidates as possible and choose wisely among them through a proven process of interviewing, discussions, and research. The sources for finding applicants start with job boards and career sites such as Indeed, Career Builder, and Monster and then move on to LinkedIn, where hiring managers can search by job history, work title, and educational attainment. Other top options for your search include applicant tracking systems, networking contacts, and professional referrals.

One good thing about online interviewing is that it generally expands the candidate pool for most careers. Individuals from further away are more likely to take a chance and apply for a distant job. This could give you the luxury of looking over more applicants and perhaps deciding to grant more interviews. This is also an excellent way to make contacts and keep impressive candidates in mind for other positions or future positions.

Conducting Online Interviews

Just as with any advanced skill, mastering the online interview could take some time. By all means, take what you have learned from in-person interviews and apply this whenever possible. Remember the most important goals of each session: finding the top talent for the company and avoiding a bad hire. Finally, as you would for any interview, prepare for the meeting with a list of open-ended questions that allow you to see multiple aspects of the person's intelligence and demeanor.

It could be an advantage to embrace the medium and use the square of the screen to develop intimacy. There is something about the space that a remote meeting engenders that often allows people to feel more at ease and willing to share honest information. This offers you an opportunity to get more personal with a candidate and perhaps get an unfiltered glimpse of what the interviewee is all about.

You might be tempted to cram in several interviews in a short time, with very little time between interviews, but this might not be the best approach. Taking time between interviews allows you to think about how the candidate came across. Other crucial online interview tips include doing your best to make candidates feel comfortable, watching how they react to distractions, and understanding that you could be speaking to a much-desired candidate who could get offers from several companies.

Making the Right Hire

When conducted skillfully, an online interview should give you a good sense of the best candidate for a specific job. Virtual Zoom Office and its computer backgrounds establish the best tone for conducting essential business by evoking the right atmosphere of professionalism and brand identity.


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