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How to Blur Your Background in Zoom

Chances are you've been in a Zoom meeting, and someone's background has distracted you from the task. Many distractions occur during video calls, from cute pets to interesting art to unexpected messes. If you'd like to cut down on them, it helps to blur your background while you're on a Zoom call. It's easy to learn how to blur the background in Zoom.

Steps For Windows & Mac Before a Call

Blurring your background on Zoom is easy when using a Windows or Mac computer. First, open the Zoom app on your desktop, then select Settings. You can also click on on the toolbar and then click on Preferences. Next, click on Background & Filters on the left sidebar. Then, choose Blur. From now on, when you're on a Zoom call, your background will be blurry so that people can't see what's going on behind you.

Steps For Android and IOS Before a Call

Sometimes, you can't access a computer when you need to take an important Zoom call. Learning how to blur the background on Zoom when you're on the mobile app is also easy:

  1. Sign into your account on the Zoom mobile app.

  2. Tap on your profile icon and choose Settings.

  3. Go to Backgrounds & Effects.

From there, you can select Virtual Backgrounds and tap the Blur option. This will save it so that further Zoom calls on your phone will feature the blurred background. You can test it out by starting a new meeting to see what it looks like.

Steps For Windows & Mac During a Call

Sometimes, you're already in a meeting before you realize that you need to blur your background. Luckily, it's easy to do so even when you're already in a meeting. You should see an Up arrow beside the Start Video or Stop Video button in the bottom left corner of your desktop's Zoom app. Click on it, then click on Blur My Background. You can also do this from the Preferences section.

Steps For Android & IOS During a Call

Are you already on a Zoom call on your mobile app? Don't worry if you must blur your Zoom background while in a meeting. Doing so is easy. First, tap the three dots that say More in the controls. If you're on an Android device, tap on Virtual background. If you're on an iPhone, tap on Backgrounds and Filters. Then, tap on the Blur option. This will blur the background behind you while you're on your Zoom call.

What To Do If Blur Feature Isn't Working

If your blurred Zoom background isn't working or you don't have the settings to change the background to a blurred one, check to ensure that your application meets the minimum requirements. On a Windows laptop, you must have an application version 5.5.0(12454.0131) or higher. On a Mac laptop, you'll need version 5.5.0(12467.0131) or higher. If you're on the mobile app, you'll need 5.6.6(2076) or higher on an Android device and 5.6.6(423) or higher on an iPhone. You'll also need to meet other system requirements. Desktop clients must have the minimum requirements for images without a green screen. Mobile users may need to meet minimum device requirements on Android or iOS.

Learning how to blur background Zoom is easy. These directions will help you create the background you need to hold a professional meeting in your home office, out on the road, or between clients.


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