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Ultimate Guide to Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts

Updated: 2 days ago

Nothing is more frustrating than being in an online meeting, trying to find the button to unmute yourself so you can participate in the conversation. Using Zoom keyboard shortcuts solves this problem. You will also be more productive. Here is a comprehensive list of Zoom shortcuts to get you started.

Editing Shortcuts

If you want to customize or edit your shortcuts, with Zoom open, click Settings and then Keyboard Shortcuts. Choose the shortcut you wish to change, and then press the keys you would like to assign to this shortcut instead. You can use multiple keys or just one. Zoom only allows you to use the same keystrokes for one shortcut, so you don't have to remember what you have used already. You can edit keyboard shortcuts while you are in a meeting, though.

Once you customize your Zoom shortcuts, you can use them when your focus is on Zoom, but if you wish to make the shortcuts global so you can use them at other times, choose the Enable Global Shortcut option.

To disable a shortcut, click the Del key to empty the hotkey combination and press Enter. Press Restore Defaults to go back to the default shortcut keys.

Meeting Shortcuts

When you are in a Zoom meeting, one of the most helpful shortcuts is Alt+A, a toggle to mute and unmute your audio. An easy way to remember is A is for "audio." Suppose you want to speak but remain in mute mode, press and hold the Spacebar while you are talking. When you release it, you will return to silent mode again. If you have a question during a meeting or wish to say something, use Alt+Y to raise your hand. Use the same keystrokes to lower your hand once you've had an opportunity to talk. If you are the meeting host, use Alt+M to mute everyone except the host. This keystroke is a toggle, so you use the same shortcut to unmute everyone.

Suppose you need to share your screen during a meeting. Press Alt+R to start and stop the recording. This is for a local recording. To start and stop a cloud recording, press Alt+C. Use Alt+P to pause or resume the recording for either type of recording.

If you use multiple cameras, you can easily switch between them with Alt+N. This is helpful if you want to show what you are doing from a different angle. If you wish to enter or exit full screen, use the keyboard shortcut Alt+F. If you need to open or close the meeting chat panel or the participant's panel, use the keystrokes Alt+H and Alt+U, respectively.

Chat Shortcuts

Being able to chat with other participants in a Zoom meeting is essential. Press Ctrl+N to start a new chat. To help you remember this keystroke, think "chat new." "Ctrl" and "chat" both begin with C, and "new" starts with N. If you want to move to the next or previous chat, use the shortcuts Ctrl+Down and Ctrl+Up. When you finish chatting, close the current chat session with Ctrl+W. The Zoom keyboard shortcut Alt+L will let you switch your chat between portrait and landscape views. You can even search your conversations with Ctrl+F. If you want to take a screenshot, use Alt+Shift+T.

Phone Shortcuts

Zoom Phone is different than Zoom Meetings, although they do seamlessly integrate. Zoom Phone is a cloud-based VOIP calling. There is no video capability with the phone service. Whether you want to accept or decline a call, hang up, or mute your line, there is a keyboard shortcut. Here are some common keystrokes:

  • Ctrl+Shift+A: Accept an incoming call

  • Ctrl+Shift+D: Decline an incoming call

  • Ctrl+Shift+E: Disconnect your current call

  • Ctrl+Shift+H: Toggle between putting a call on hold and taking it off

  • Ctrl+Shift+T: Transfer the current call

  • Ctrl+Shift+M: Toggle between muting and unmuting your microphone

General Shortcuts

If you have multiple Zoom windows open, easily switch between them using F6. Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift to shift your focus to the meeting controls in Zoom. To hide or show the floating meeting controls, use Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H.

Lastly, if you want to open the invite window, press Alt+I. To invite others to your meeting, use Alt+Shift+I to copy the invitation link.

These keyboard shortcuts for Zoom will help you move seamlessly through your meetings, whether as a participant or as the host. Like other applications, keyboard shortcuts allow you to keep your hands off the mouse and on the keyboard, saving you time and making you more efficient. The more you use keyboard shortcuts, the easier it will be to remember them so that they become second nature. Before long, you won't even have to think about the shortcut keys for your most common tasks. Teach them to your colleagues, and you will soon become the go-to video conferencing expert!


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