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How to Change Your Email Signature in Gmail

The average office worker is estimated to receive about 120 emails per day. How can you tell if you’re dealing with an actual human or a bot regarding email? It’s all in the email signature Gmail. Your email signature can show off your personality and the company’s logo. Include your social media links in your email signature to get new followers. When your email signature is professional, it can help someone connect with you.

Create a Gmail Signature

Whether you use Gmail or Outlook, creating an email signature is easy. What you include in your Gmail email signature depends on your company’s culture, branding guidelines, and comfort level. Decide whether you’ll include links to your social media accounts; LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook tend to be the most popular ones to have. You may not want to include your personal links, except for LinkedIn, but you could include links to the company’s Instagram or Facebook account. You may want to include your company logo. Your email signature can also include alternate contact methods, such as phone numbers for calls or texts. Many brands have company-wide signatures that are easy to integrate with your email.

Set Up a Gmail Signature

Here’s how to add an email signature in Gmail.

  1. On the Gmail page on your computer, open the gear icon in the top right corner to settings. If you’re using the Gmail app, go to the menu to find the settings button to add a mobile signature.

  2. Click “see all settings.” Scroll down to the signature section.

  3. Click “Create new.” You’ll need to name the signature. Some people use their Gmail in different roles, which helps you identify which signature to use.

  4. Go through the prompts to set up your signature. You’ll enter your name, title, contact info, etc. Keep it simple at first. You can include links, different fonts, and colors as you learn more about editing your email signature. You can also use these settings to include a logo or picture.

  5. Make sure to click “save settings.”

Edit a Gmail Signature

Navigate through the settings section to add a signature to include links or change your signature’s font and colors. Signatures can be added to default to a particular style when you send new emails or respond to emails. Many settings can be selected to edit your signature to make it your own.

Do People Really Use the Information in Your Email Signature?

Many businesses consider an email signature a business card, which can be an essential marketing tool for your business. Including a polite closing sentence with your contact information and logo is recommended, but some people wonder if the reader really reads that statement. Your email signature can be a shortcut to including a thank you or another courtesy that can be forgotten when hurrying to answer emails. It can change a curt message into a more polite email so the receiver doesn’t think you’re being short with them.

A short message, “We appreciate your business,” or “Thank you for reaching out,” can be included in your email signature to give you a courteous edge so you don’t seem brusque or rude. Your email signature can be a customer service tool when dealing with colleagues, clients, or vendors. Don’t underestimate the value of a professional email signature in doing business. Match it to your company’s virtual background to keep your brand front and center in all your communications. Get started with custom branding in your email signature and Zoom meetings.


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Ronald Whitley
Oct 23, 2023

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