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How To Create an Email Group in Gmail

Many people today have Gmail accounts. Whether you use yours for personal or professional emails, you probably have some content that you want to share with multiple people. If you share emails with the same people often, you have probably asked how to create an email group in Gmail so you can make the process faster. This is what you should know about Gmail groups.

Steps To Create a Group in Gmail

After you log into your Google account, search for an icon with nine dots in the top right corner. Click on that and go to “Contacts.” A small window will show up with a list. Click “Labels” under that list and then “Create Label.” Create a name and save the label.

Then, return to “Contacts.” Go down to “Frequently Contacted” or the “Directory.” Choose the contacts you want to include in your group, and then click on the icon with your label at the top of your page. This will add your contacts to your group after you click “Apply.”

Test your group by returning to your Gmail account. Then, compose an email by inserting your label into the “To” field. Write a brief message and send it. Then, check to make sure everyone received your test message.

Benefits of Using Email Groups

You can expect several benefits when you create an email group in Gmail. First, you save time because all your regular contacts are in the same group, so you don’t have to search your contacts and add everyone one at a time. This is the most efficient method if you often communicate with the same group of people.

In addition, your email’s “CC” function may have a limit, so you may have to send multiple emails to get important information to everyone who needs it. With a group, you send a single email. You can also have numerous groups to better focus your customer, staff, team, or supervisory emails. You can even distinguish your loyal customers from those who have made a single purchase or your prospects, allowing you to send them more targeted, customized emails, which increases your ROI.

Tips for Using Groups in Gmail

When you start creating groups, you should follow a few best practices.

Use Clear Naming

You may want to create multiple groups after you learn how to create a group email in Gmail. However, if your names are similar or unclear, you could later send an email that does not apply to a specific group. For example, general labels like “customers” may become confusing as you grow your customer base and gain loyalty. You can distinguish them by using “leads,” “one-time customers,” or “loyal customers.” Create groups of individuals or companies with common characteristics, actions, and permissions and label them accordingly.

Setting Team Expectations for Use and Frequency

Clearly outline what you and your group expect concerning your email and group sharing. Build guidelines on email frequency for each group. For example, you may contact your teammates daily but don’t want to overload your customers.

In addition, you should know exactly who is in each group. You can also share who else received the email so your recipients don’t forward redundant information to others.

Keep Your Group Updated

Some of your group members may move into new groups. For example, once a lead becomes a customer, that person should move into one of your other customer groups. In addition, teams grow and change, and people leave and get added, and you don’t want to leave anyone out or email those to whom the message no longer applies. Therefore, keep your groups up to date, and increase your communication efficiency and effectiveness by trying groups on your Gmail account.


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