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How to Find a Remote Job in 2023

Remote jobs are becoming extremely popular now that technology allows people of many professions to work outside the company's office. Working remotely sounds almost too good; the only negative is that these jobs are in high demand. Therefore, you will likely have many competitors for any position. After all, landing a remote job will allow you to avoid the stress of rush hour traffic and the outrageous price of gasoline. This means you can save money while gaining flexibility and reducing stress.

Make Sure Your Resume Stands Out

Tailor your resume for a remote job and the job you're applying for. Your resume should stand out above the rest of the applicants. Make sure you have several excellent professional references to provide. You should list your job history. Additionally, you should list your education, professional achievements, and relevant experiences.

Tailor Your Resume for a Remote Position

Communication skills are essential for remote work because you won't work around your employer or co-workers. Ensure your cover letter and resume are error-free and show exceptional communication skills.

Cybersecurity is critical. Your remote job may provide a computer or other devices with built-in security measures. However, it won't hurt to mention that you already have measures in place and take online security seriously.

If you have one, include the portfolio of your work, even if it is only partially relevant to the job. Recruiters will be able to see your diverse experience and skills that make you unique. It could also lead to an even better position in the future.

Self-starters are invaluable to employers. Remote employment requires you to be motivated and work independently. Remote work also tends to be more performance-based than in-person work, as employers often don't directly monitor employees' work hours; instead, they want productive employees.

If you're applying for a job with one of your interests, ensure that your resume and cover letter show you are passionate about the subject. Employers feel better about hiring employees who have a love for what they do.

Tailor Your Application to the Job Description

Competition is high for remote work, so you must do everything you can to make yourself shine among your fellow applicants. Many people make the mistake of creating one resume to apply for every job. However, recruiters will immediately see it's a generic resume. A resume that an applicant tailors to the specific position will stand out as the applicant took extra time to create with some knowledge of the job and has researched the company and its products and services.

Utilize Remote Job Boards

Now there are plenty of ways to job search from the comfort of your home. The first step to finding the position you want is to know where to look. Several job sites specialize in remote employment, many ready to hire immediately. Here are some of the best options.

  • AngelList

  • FlexJobs

  • Hubstaff Talent

  • Jobspresso

  • JustRemote

  • Pangian


  • WeWorkRemotely

You can search these sites for "remote jobs near me" nationwide or worldwide. Utilizing several sites can provide many positions, helping you find work faster.

Network In-Person & Online

Just as with a traditional career, it's a great help to network. People who know how to network have tremendous success landing a job. The great thing is that you can network in person and online. LinkedIn is one of the best online networking spaces. This site is excellent for making connections whether you are looking for a job or are already happily employed. You can search for people in your career field, employees from specific companies, and remote work, amongst many other attributes. In addition to making connections, you can search for and apply for positions directly on the LinkedIn site. Having a LinkedIn profile also makes it easier for recruiters to find you and learn more information about you than they may see in a resume. It also puts you out there for recruiters to find and initiate interest in you as a potential employee.

Be Prepared for Remote Interviews & Follow Up After

Unless explicitly mentioned as prohibited in the job listing or application, following up with the employers a few days after submitting your application can be helpful. This step will place your name at the top of the recruiter's mind and express your interest in the position and motivation to take the initiative. If interested, the recruiter will likely ask you to meet for a remote interview. Be prepared beforehand with everything you're likely to need at your fingertips. Also, make sure your video chat area is tidy and professional looking. Make a great impression by using one of our unique backgrounds.

The mere thought of job hunting, especially finding a remote job, can be daunting, especially for remote work; you may have never worked remotely before, so there are some unique aspects. You can land your ideal remote job by implementing these suggestions and showing persistence.


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