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How to Give Your Home Office a Refresh for 2023

Updated: 5 days ago

Now that you have been working from home for a while, you have probably identified things that work and do not. You have also likely researched ways to make your office more work-friendly. Therefore, consider a few home office tips as you refresh your workspace.

Benefits of Refreshing Your Workspace

Refreshing your workspace has several benefits. First, you can turn your office into a modern space with everything you need to excel at your work. However, you can improve your productivity through a refresh.

Inadequate lighting can significantly affect your productivity. However, a refresh allows you to choose fixtures that provide you with enough warm, diffused light to see your work without stressing your eyes. You can also install curtains that block harsh light and eliminate glares on your screens.

You can also creativity in your work area, encouraging innovation and productivity. You can also eliminate hazards, increase storage, and save time through organization.

Deep Cleaning & Removing Clutter

Like most people, you want to work in a hygienic environment. Deep cleaning your office can be time-consuming, but it is necessary to do so regularly to prevent infections and control virus spread. You may also be concerned about dust and dander that can impact allergies. Therefore, consider a deep clean during your office refresh.

While you are deep cleaning, remove the clutter from your workspace. Get rid of the piles on your desk and other furniture. Please go through them and determine what needs to be saved and what can be removed from your office.

Then, consider what organizational tools you need to put away the things you need to save. For example, do you need to expand your shelving or filing space? Do you need additional drawers to store extra pens and supplies?

Try a Different Layout

Rearrange your furniture. Your furniture layout can impact your inspiration and comfort. Therefore, consider adjusting your office so that you can look out a window to inspire creativity. Choose new furniture to increase your comfort and make the most of your space. Be sure that your layout encourages a robust workflow and productivity.

New Office Accessories

In addition to acquiring work-from-home essentials, you should consider investing in accessories. You may need new in-and-out boxes, pen and pencil cups, and boxes and bins for various supplies. Your desk and office should feel comfortable. Therefore, the things you use most often should be within your arm’s reach.

You may also include framed photos of your loved ones, memorabilia, or other items you collect. Only some things have to go on your desk, however. Take advantage of shelf and wall space to build the most comfortable office space.

Virtual Refresh

Consider refreshing your background if your remote work requires virtual meetings and conferences. You can arrange your office so that your background is appealing without distraction. Many individuals install bookshelves and strategically place books and accessories on the shelves. Others add attractive paintings or artwork to an otherwise blank wall.

Fortunately, video conferencing software typically offers a wide variety of backgrounds. Therefore, search your meeting platform for new background options. Some platforms even allow you to create your virtual background. Choose a background that fits your brand and can be adopted at all your meetings and conferences.

As you research how to make your office more productive, focus on how each change can benefit your workflow and productivity. Focus on making your environment attractive and comfortable, so you enjoy being in the office.



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