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How To Turn Off the Inverted Zoom Camera

Technology can work wonders, especially in terms of communication. However, you may run into strange issues from time to time, such as an inverted or mirrored image during a Zoom meeting. Instead of searching "how to turn off the invert camera on Zoom" during an important conference call, prevent this problem with the following tips.

How To Turn It Off Via Desktop

One of the best things about Zoom is seeing others' reactions in real-time. While it's unlike in-person meetings, it allows you to gauge people's interest and adjust your communication appropriately.

However, an inverted image can turn that dynamic upside-down. The good news is that this issue is simple to remedy.

There's another similar concern called mirroring. Rather than your image being upside down, your movements appear horizontally flipped. Interestingly, mirroring isn't a bug — it's a Zoom feature.

Watching the actual playback of a video can be jarring because your movements look backward. However, this is only because you're used to seeing your movements in a mirror. The video playback is how you look.

The creators of Zoom (and other video programs) understand how distracting this can be, so they have a setting that mirrors your video on your device. To everyone else on the call, you look exactly like you should. If you would rather see what your audience sees, you can turn off mirroring via the same menu you'll use to correct an inverted feed.

First, open Zoom. Next, start a meeting. You don't need to invite anyone.

Once the video begins, you'll notice a line of icons at the bottom of the window. The second from the left should say "Stop Video" and have a silhouette of a camera. You'll also see a small upward-pointing arrow to the right of the camera.

When you click the arrow, you will get a menu. The second option from the bottom should say "Video Settings." Click this button to access the Settings menu.

You'll see a list of tabs in the Settings menu on the left. Click on "Video," the second tab down. This will open video settings and show a feed of your video.

You'll find a small rotating icon in the upper right-hand corner of the video feed. Clicking it will rotate your video 90 degrees.

You'll find several toggle buttons at the bottom of this page. Deselect "Mirror my image" to un-mirror the video.

How To Turn It Off Via Mobile

Figuring out how to turn off invert on Zoom when using your phone or tablet is a similar process. The Android and iOS apps are identical so you can use this troubleshooting for either.

First, you need to open and log into the app, then start a meeting. Once the video is live, follow these steps:

  • Tap the "Video Settings" button.

  • Select the "Video" tab.

  • Click the "Rotate 90 degrees" button until the image is no longer inverted.

You can also deselect the mirroring toggle.

Troubleshoot Via Zoom If Issue Still Arises

If you still run into an inverted or mirror image, try the following:

  • Update your version of Zoom

  • Update your device's drivers

  • Reboot your device

Zoom also has a helpful troubleshooting community where you can find frequently asked questions, post about an issue on forums or chat directly with a support representative.

Figuring out how to change the inverted camera on Zoom during a meeting can be stressful and cause you to miss important information. As a result, it's essential to check your settings before every video conference. This simple trick ensures you project a professional image and don't inadvertently distract others on the call.



kimberly sisk
kimberly sisk

Thank you for sharing, but I find this camera quite convenient. I often turn it on to talk with friends and play candy clicker together

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