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How To Write a Killer Company Slogan

Did you know that everyday consumers see thousands or even tens of thousands of brand slogans daily? With this amount of targeted advertising, you may feel concerned about how your company can stand out. However, with some time and a few key steps, you can develop a slogan that captures your customers’ attention and represents your company.

1. Do Your Research and Spend time on it

Your first step should consist of research. Start with your own company. Write out who you are as a company. Define what you do to serve your customers. Then, discuss how you do it that differs from your competitors.

Then, research your target audience. Find out who can use your products and services. Consider their demographics, including age, race, location, language, socioeconomic status, and other factors. Consider their hobbies, type of work, and community characteristics.

Search for information about your competition. Focus on gathering their slogans and evaluating their effectiveness. You can also ask your customers for ideas. Take time to complete thorough research, so you have a solid foundation for building a group of company slogan ideas.

2. Keep it Simple

A slogan should be easy to remember, catchy and straightforward. Avoid long words and long sentences. Summarize your mission and values in a few words, but make sure they are descriptive. Avoid making your slogan too short. You want brevity, something easy for people to remember and catchy enough that their brains grasp onto it. Make it long enough to properly represent your company and its products or services while making every word count.

Also, use your logo as a starting point. They work together to support and promote your brand and its identity. If you don’t already have a logo, create one that works with your company’s slogan. Ensure your logo also fits future slogans because many companies frequently change them.

3. Add Some Humor, if You Can

If you can and if it is appropriate, add a little humor to your slogan. Are there jokes your staff or customers make about your company? Can you use a pun? You can also make goodhearted fun of other slogans. Consider the year of your inception or a year that could not be true for some added fun.

Another way to add fun is to include repetitive sounds, onomatopoeia, and other literary devices. Focus on what you offer your audience rather than using hyperbole.

4. Stay Honest

Customers search for companies they can trust. They want honesty and integrity; they typically remain loyal to those brands when they find it. Therefore, avoid exaggerations or untruths in your slogan. For example, avoid “#1” or “the best” claims. You can state that you produce high-quality products and offer exceptional service, but avoid subjective claims or those you cannot prove.

A simple slogan should also differ from your competitors and any other business, if possible. If your slogan is too similar to others in your industry, your audience may attach it to your competitors or the industry. They may also view your efforts negatively, assuming you sought to profit off someone else’s efforts, slogan, or ideas.

Where To Find Slogan Writers

You can gather an interdepartmental or marketing team and hammer out your slogan. However, you can also work with outside help. You can also work with a company slogan generator. Sometimes, you may hire a graphic designer and freelancer to create a logo and slogan. You may also work with an advertising agency, especially if you plan to build a significant marketing plan around your slogan.

Your slogan is a tagline for your company that reminds customers of your products and company when they hear it. Take the time and make the effort to make it great.


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