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Top Coworking Spaces in the U.S.

Updated: Apr 17

Working from home has benefits, but sometimes you need to visit an "office" for structure. Unfortunately, renting an entire office is off the table for many corporate employees and freelancers. However, coworking spaces can fill this gap with fully furnished facilities at an affordable price.

What Is a Coworking Space?

A coworking space is a commercial facility where people pay for a place to work. They're usually open, aesthetically pleasing, and staffed with friendly people who can help you find a desk and work equipment.

Social Space

While it's possible to get a private area, coworking facilities also provide the opportunity to socialize. You can laugh and joke with people at nearby desks, and if you're a regular, you may even make a few work friends.

Shared Tools

Working from home has one major disadvantage: You don't have access to a fax machine. Depending on your industry, you may need many tools that you can't conveniently stash at home. Coworking hubs provide standard office equipment for your use. In most cases, the service cost is included in your membership fee.

Diverse Industries

If you love to meet people from all walks of life, you'll flourish in a coworking space. Anyone is welcome, so you'll be among professionals from various industries.

Benefits of Coworking Spaces

While many people like cutting their commute by working from home, others crave a designated working space filled with colleagues. Coworking centers are dedicated to offering this without the hassle of a typical office environment.

Higher Creativity

When you feel stuck, switching up your workspace can spark inspiration. A day or week at a coworking space can jumpstart your creativity if you're in a rut while working at home. A hot desk situation also ensures you have a new place each day, so you never get bored of your environment.

Improved Productivity

Unfortunately, a home office offers plenty of distractions, from playful pets to dirty dishes. Going to a designated workspace removes the temptation to procrastinate. Additionally, coworking centers are specifically designed to boost productivity with standing desks and natural lighting features.

Established Work-Life Boundaries

One of the most challenging aspects of working for yourself is setting work-life boundaries — the line between the two blurs when you conduct business where you live. However, having time off is essential for good mental health and high productivity. A coworking center can help you establish and keep the boundary between your career and personal life.

Increased Collaboration

If you're working with a team, you can find a coworking hub that promotes collaboration. Having an area that facilitates idea-sharing and open communication can make all the difference in a project.

Depending on the center, you may also have networking opportunities. Some hubs cater to a specific industry so that you can rub elbows with people in your field.

Best Coworking Offices in the US

The list of best coworking spaces is long and growing as more Americans start working from home. You're bound to find a facility that meets all your needs with so many options. The following are highly recommended by business magazines and have locations around the country.


Industrious caters to groups of all sizes as well as individuals. The rooms are vibrant and professional, creating the perfect atmosphere for creativity.


In addition to desks, Workbar offers larger spaces for collaboration. You can even attend educational workshops and social meetups to get to know your "coworkers."


WeWork offers several membership tiers, so you can find one that fits your needs and budget.

Additionally, it provides several community-centered amenities:

  • Networking events

  • Happy hours

  • Lunch and learns

Cost of Coworking Spaces

Before deciding if this change is right for you, you must consider the coworking space cost. Unlike coffee shops and libraries, these facilities aren't free. They usually charge a membership fee, which varies by location.


Most coworking hubs charge a monthly membership fee, usually a few hundred dollars. Some places offer other options, such as a daily fee, for individuals working on a limited project or who only want to visit the office every so often.

Assigned Desk

The majority of coworking facilities offer "hot desks," which means you choose from the workspace available. However, a few places will assign you a desk, ensuring you always have your preferred space when you come in for a higher cost.


Coworking hubs want to draw as many members as possible, so they offer various amenities to stay competitive:

  • Showers

  • Courtyards

  • Restaurants

  • Library lounges

  • Content studios

  • Gym access

  • Lockable storage

  • Workshops

Some enterprises charge more for premium amenities, so check what's included in the membership and what requires a separate fee.

If you miss the social aspect of going to work, a coworking office space may be for you. There are facilities all over the country, so you'll find one nearby. With just a little research, you can start your coworking career.


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