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Top Trending Small Business To Start in 2023

The entrepreneurial life is full of challenges and roadblocks. Nobody ever said it would be easy to start a small business, but you might be overwhelmed by the steep learning curve. Still, if you are an ambitious person with unique skills, starting a small business may be the right choice for you, and you have a great shot at success if your business concept aligns with recent trends.

If you want to get in on the latest small business trends, there are a few steps. First, you must learn how to start a small business. Then you should research and determine which kinds of small businesses may be best for your skills and goals. Finally, you should consider the following five top small business trends in 2022, and if one of them is a good fit, dive in!

Online Content Creators

Content creators aren’t often thought of as entrepreneurs or small business owners, but these individuals are offering a service that generates revenue. This line of work is relatively simple to pursue since anybody with a smartphone and a social media account can start publishing content. Of course, to turn it into a business, you’ll need to become great at content creation.

Many people have accomplished this and turned their hobby into their income. If you have ideas or opinions that you want to share, you may be able to earn ad revenue from videos that you post on YouTube. Similarly, if you have an eye for aesthetics, you can secure sponsorships for posts on Instagram.

Handmade Jewelry Businesses

If social media entrepreneurship isn’t your thing, maybe jewelry making is. Jewelry making can be a relaxing activity and an excellent idea for a small business. You can sell your creations at local events and markets, or if you want to sell your pieces to a broader audience, you can establish an eCommerce website and sell them online.

Customized jewelry is a prevalent trend, too, so anybody who starts this business can boost revenue by offering one-of-a-kind custom pieces to customers. Giving customers the ability to add their name, customized beads, and other unique details will set you apart from similar small businesses.

Interior Design Businesses

Interior design is an art. It demands a refined aesthetic sensibility and, more importantly, the ability to optimize the energy in a space. This isn’t a skill that anybody can develop overnight, but if you have a proclivity toward décor and an appreciation for ambiance, it may be a great fit. The success of your interior design business will rely on more than just your decorating skills, though.

You will also need to learn how to source inventory, send invoices, and tailor your services to each unique client. These skills will benefit nearly any business, but they are critical in a field like interior design, where business owners must contract directly with clients to earn sales. Industry insiders predict that the popularity of interior design services will only grow as more people transition to working from home.

Ghost Kitchens

Ghost kitchens are just as elusive as their name would suggest. Designed to craft food that is exclusively available via delivery, these eateries aren’t eateries at all. There are no customers, but a fully-staffed kitchen cooking food will be ordered via the kitchen’s site or app. Some ghost kitchens offer delivery through third-party providers such as Door Dash or Uber Eats, but most do not.

If you love cooking and are passionate about feeding people, starting a ghost kitchen could be your ticket to small business success. You will need to secure a commercial kitchen space and hire staff to get started. If you intend to manage your deliveries, you will also need a delivery driver and a website to support customer orders.

HousePlant Delivery Businesses

Food isn’t the only necessity that people want to have delivered. You might also discover a lucrative opportunity in the houseplant delivery industry. This is still an emerging field, but its popularity indicates that there’s certainly a niche to be filled. This is likely due to its intersection of two in-demand amenities — delivery services and houseplants.

Entrepreneurs who venture into this endeavor will need to choose whether they keep a dedicated inventory of plants or whether they will deliver from other sellers. If the business grows, you will also need to decide whether to hire additional drivers and expand operations. One of the most satisfying parts of this business is likely the joy you can bring to others. Houseplants are great for the environment and can also improve mental health! Use the right tools for your small business by investing in a collaborative virtual meeting program.


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