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Ultimate Guide to Google Meet Keyboard Shortcuts

Now that the world has embraced remote work, virtual meetings are more and more commonplace. You've seen tech giants like Google get on board the trend of video conference software, and you might wonder how you can navigate virtual meetings more effectively. The key is to learn the shortcuts, so here's your ultimate guide to google meet keyboard shortcuts.

What Are Google Meet Keyboard Shortcuts?

Don't let the name Google Meet's shortcuts scare you because you're already familiar with other standard keyboard shortcuts that you probably use daily. Keyboard shortcuts are simple software program commands that you send to your computer by using a code in the form of pressing one or a few keys in a specific combination.

From hitting control or command 'x' to cut and control or command 'v' to paste, some keyboard shortcuts are second nature. With a bit of practice, the keyboard shortcuts for Google Meet will feel the same in no time.

Accessible Info Controls For Mac

Accessibility is critical to today's virtual meetings and remote work landscape. If you or any of your team members use a Mac, you can use a few simple Google Meet keyboard shortcuts Mac to access important information, such as who is currently speaking in your meeting and what's happening in the room. These keyboard shortcuts for accessible info require a screen reader. The shortcuts are:

  • Ctrl + ⌘ + s to announce the screen name of the person speaking

  • Ctrl + ⌘ + I to read aloud the available information about the virtual room

Accessible Info Controls For Windows/Chrome OS

The most likely situation is that your remote team includes people who use different operating systems. You don't want your Windows and Chrome users left out of accessing critical information with keyboard shortcuts. While Windows and Mac have significant differences, the keyboard shortcuts for Google Meet are relatively similar. For accessible info, your team members can learn the following shortcuts:

  • To announce who is speaking, push Ctrl + Alt + s

  • To announce important information about the virtual room, push Ctrl + Alt + i

Meeting Controls For Mac

Now that you're familiar with the accessibility shortcuts, you can move on to the meatier parts of meeting controls for Mac users. While using Google Meet to conduct your virtual meeting, many shortcuts might come in handy. The most valuable shortcuts include the following:

  • Turning your camera off and on with ⌘ + e

  • Muting and unmuting your microphone with ⌘ + d

  • Raising and lowering your hand with Ctrl + ⌘ + h

  • Showing and hiding people in the meeting Ctrl + ⌘ + p

  • Using the "push to talk" function by pressing and holding the spacebar

Meeting Controls For Windows/Chrome OS

Similar to the accessibility shortcuts, you'll want to keep your team up to date on Google Meet keyboard shortcuts in Windows. That way, every person in your virtual meeting can navigate the most important functions with the push of a few buttons. If you and your team use Windows, here are the shortcuts you need to know:

  • Ctrl + Alt + h to raise your hand in a meeting

  • Ctrl + d to mute and unmute your microphone

  • Ctrl + e to shut your camera off and turn it back on

  • Ctrl + Alt + p to view everyone in the meeting or hide participant videos

Push-to-talk functions the same way for both Mac and Windows users. All you have to do is hold the spacebar down.

Using Google Meet Keyboard Shortcuts

If you've been searching for a way to conduct virtual meetings more efficiently, using Google Meet keyboard shortcuts is the answer. Discover more tutorials and guides to streamline your virtual office today and get more out of your everyday software.


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