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What Are Google Meet Face Filters & How To Use Them

Video conferencing has made work and life more convenient. You can work from home or have corporate meetings via video call with other business leaders who aren’t even in your state. The videoconferencing software and add-ons consistently improve and become more sophisticated as well. For example, you can now find Google Meet filters for your face to enhance your appearance on these calls. This is what you should know.

Google Meet Face Filters

You may have used filters on your Snapchat, TokTok, and Instagram posts that improve your skin tone, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, contour your face, and otherwise improve your appearance. Unlike Zoom and Microsoft Teams, these filters and the portrait touch-up feature have been unavailable for Google Meet software. However, Google recently released Google Meet face filters that you can use on its platforms.

These filters include “beauty effects.” You can smooth your complexion out, removing dark spots or blemishes. You can also lighten under your eyes, making them look brighter and hiding imperfections. You may even want to whiten your teeth, and now you can. You can also choose how light or heavy the filters get applied through their subtle and smoothing modes.

How To Get Filters on Google Meet

The face filters in Google Meet are available when you log into the application. However, you must have a premium Google account to get the portrait touch-up features. These accounts include the Business Standard, Enterprise Essentials, Business Plus, Education Plus, Google Workspace, and Google One accounts. Your personal Google account does not have these portrait touch-up features.

If you plan to use Google Meet software through a web browser, you need to add an extension. This Face Swap & Stickers for Google Meet extension will offer several options. You can use simple filters that give you an enhanced look. You can add stickers to your face, such as glasses or lips. You can even swap your face with that of a celebrity.

Go to the Google Chrome Store to download the extension required for your web browser. Then, find the extension called Face Swap & Stickers for Google Meet. Click on “Add extension.” You can then pin the “Extensions” icon to your toolbar.

How To Use Face Filters

In the App

To get new face filters for Google Meet, open the app or your web browser. You can use the Google Meet app on your Android or iOS devices. You need to log into your account. Then, choose a meeting, but do not join yet. Instead, click the “Effects” icon. You should find it at the bottom of your profile view. Click on “Filters,” located at the bottom left-hand area of your screen.

Next, just choose the filters you want to use. Again, you can test them in the Green Room area. After you select the filters you want, click “Done.” You can then join your meeting.

If you are already on a call, you can still add filters. Simply go to the bottom of the screen and click on “Effects.” Then, find “Filters” and choose the ones you want to use. They will automatically apply as you click on them, so you just have to click on “Close” when you finish.

Using Your Web Browser

If you use a web browser to make your video calls, you need to log into Google Meet on your browser. Then, choose “More Options,” which looks like three little dots. Choose “Apply visual effects” for your background. To select a face filter, click the blue button at the top of your screen on the left. Then, choose your desired filters, stickers, or face swap option.

Adding face filters for Google Meet on a laptop, desktop, or mobile device is relatively simple. Test how these filters can impact your meetings.


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