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10 Virtual Holiday Party Ideas & Tips

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

With more employees working remotely, connecting with them, the company, and management can be challenging. It is difficult during the holidays when most companies have holiday parties. However, these virtual holiday party ideas can bring your staff together.

1. Virtual Happy Hour

Who doesn’t enjoy cocktail hour with friends and colleagues, even if you don’t drink alcohol? However, having remote staff makes happy hour a bit more complicated. You can have a virtual happy hour, though. Fortunately, you can avoid the traffic and busy bars.

Encourage your staff to mix their favorite drinks, loaded or unloaded, and celebrate together. You can encourage your staff to share stories and holiday happenings and toast to a successful year.

2. Virtual Secret Santa

Most people enjoy a Secret Santa gift exchange. You can set a dollar limit, including shipping. Give your employees opportunities to get to know each other so they can choose gifts their recipient will enjoy. You can also encourage them to share something local with someone in another area of the country or world.

3. Virtual Clue Murder Mystery

For a unique virtual holiday party, consider involving your employees in a murder mystery. You can develop your mystery or use many available online options. Choose a unique location and an unexpected perpetrator, and let the fun begin.

4. Ugly Holiday Sweater Party

Ugly sweater parties are everywhere during the holidays. You can have a virtual ugly sweater party despite not seeing your staff in person. Combine it with happy hour, games, or other activities.

5. Virtual Holiday Trivia

Your staff may also enjoy a fun virtual game night. Consider including virtual holiday party games like holiday trivia. Ask questions about the holiday season, history, and traditions worldwide. Consider sending a prize to the winner.

You can also test holiday bingo, virtual scavenger hunts, or guess-the-song games. Consider playing games that can last throughout the season, such as the Elf on the Shelf game.

6. Holiday Karaoke Via Zoom

The holidays are a great time to discover your staff’s secret talents. Some may be master chefs, while others may sing like angels. One way to learn about your staff and their favorite holiday songs is virtual Karaoke. Set up your Zoom meeting room and allow everyone to take the mic and sing their hearts out.

7. Decorate Home Offices Together

If you seek free virtual holiday party ideas for work, you should decide whether you want work-related tasks or fun and games. One fun idea is to encourage your staff to decorate their home offices for the holidays. Ask them to submit photos of their offices when they finish. You can even have a contest for the most unique decorations, the best decorated, the most traditional, or other awards. Send fun little gifts to the winners, or give your staff bragging rights.

8. Holiday Themed Game Show

Do you love game shows? You can share your love by creating a virtual game show for your staff. Choose the game you enjoy the most and convert it to your virtual environment. Don’t forget the prizes.

9. Bring in a Special Guest

You can add special guests in a few ways. First, you can host a family-friendly party where your staff can include their special guests, such as their spouses, best friends, children, or others who mean the world to them.

The company can also host special guests. You may bring a master chef, DJ, or mixologist for different activities. Invite your staff to a virtual conference with a speaker they find especially interesting or exciting.

10. Cook or Bake as a Team

Consider what people do yearly if you want free virtual holiday party ideas for work. For example, cooking and baking are parts of most family’s holiday plans. You can extend your family by organizing a virtual cooking or baking event. You can add other holiday traditions, such as encouraging people to cook a dish from their favorite holiday movie. This allows your staff to share personal information about their holiday traditions and favorite movies, not to mention their cooking capabilities.

You can also have a cookie decorating or gingerbread house contest. Some companies hold virtual cooking classes that teach holiday dishes from around the world or a dish some find intimidating.

Tips for Planning and Hosting a Virtual Holiday Party for Your Team

As you plan your party, consider choosing a custom holiday background and encouraging your staff to do the same. You can also pick a theme. Encourage volunteer work or giving during the holidays by hosting a food or toy drive with a reputable organization.

Remote work doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time with your staff. Plan your virtual office party and spend some fun time with your employees.


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