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7 Best Tools to Enhance Hybrid Meetings

Updated: 2 days ago

Today’s business meetings have changed dramatically from just a few years ago. Most are a hybrid between in-person and virtual meetings. Effective hybrid meetings require some essential technology tools. Everyone in the meeting needs to hear all the attendees and be able to participate. Therefore, you should consider investing in several video conferencing tools to enhance these meetings.

1. Laptops

Laptops are great tools for virtual meetings. Most of the laptops made in the last few years have high-definition cameras. In addition, their speakers tend to be good if the room isn’t too full or large. Although the microphones tend to work well, they do pick up any background noise.

These tools are essential when the participants are in several different locations. However, they can be challenging if more than one or two people share the screen. Therefore, laptops are valuable tools for hybrid meetings.

2. High-Definition TV

Sitting in a meeting where everyone stares into their laptops can be frustrating. Therefore, consider investing in a high-quality, high-definition TV. These devices provide a crisp, clear display of the entire room and everyone on the call. Many also offer wireless connections, but all offer HDMI options.

Choose a large TV to see everyone on the call. You don’t want the frustration of squinting to see who is speaking. However, consider your budget and your room size when choosing your TV.

Then, find an optimal location for mounting your TV to the wall. It should be viewable to everyone in the room and at a distance that everyone can see clearly without squinting or straining their eyes.

3. Pizazz

You may consider adding a bit of pizazz to make your hybrid meetings more engaging. Your first step may be to review popular TV programs and see how they engage their audiences. Consider the background, format, staging, and other elements that appeal to the audience. Then, evaluate how these ideas can be integrated into your meetings.

The key is to have fun and build an engaging environment, so test your ideas and choose the best fit for your meeting’s purpose.

4. Custom Virtual Background

As you search through the list of beneficial online video conferencing tools, don’t forget the power of a custom virtual background. These tools provide neutral backdrops for everyone in your meeting. They automatically appear behind your meeting attendees. However, choose a high-quality HD background that is 1920 x 1080 pixels.

When you customize your background and use it consistently, you provide your meetings with a professional appearance. Virtual backgrounds help you block distractions in your own and others’ videos, especially for individuals attending from their homes or other locations. It also maintains the privacy of the participant’s homes.

5. External Speakers & Microphones

Although it is crucial for those joining your meeting via remote access to see the other participants, it is more important that everyone can hear what is happening. Therefore, pay attention to your audio setup. Consider investing in high-quality external speakers for all your meeting participants so that they can hear even the lightest voice.

In addition, invest in high-quality microphones and place them around the room. Then, your in-person meeting attendees’ comments can be heard by the remote attendees. You may also have those in the meeting pass around a handheld microphone. This is especially important if you are not in your regular conference room.

6. Meeting HQ

Meeting HQ is a tool you can use to launch and control meetings. It can be integrated with your calendar so that your meetings or classes begin on time. This asset helps you eliminate the clutter on your conference table, including multiple computers or laptops, and replaces it with a single device that can be turned and adjusted for each speaker.

Meeting HQ is compatible with several video conferencing software solutions, Zoom, and calendar applications, such as Office 365. It makes starting your meetings as quick as pushing a button on your Meeting Owl 3. This tool has enhanced sound, so your remote team won’t miss idle chatter.

7. Expansion Mic

Although your Meeting Owl 3 has adequate audio, with its 18-foot radius, larger rooms may need additional audio support. Therefore, consider purchasing an Expansion Mic. These tools increase your audio radius by up to eight additional feet, up to 26 feet.

Your mic can also give you more control over the meeting, allowing more members to access the mute button. It can also be secured using screws or adhesive strips to place it in the optimal position for your conference room. This tool also suppresses white noise without affecting the audio quality of individual voices.

As you prepare for your hybrid meetings, consider your remote team members’ needs. Then, choose the best video conferencing tools available to meet these needs.



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