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Can You Create Your Own Virtual Background for Meetings?

No matter where you work, a virtual office background helps you present yourself professionally to colleagues and clients. Creating your background allows you to transition through seasons and update your background based on your mood of the day. Here are some tips for creating a background for your online meetings.

Requirements for Backgrounds: Zoom, Teams, Google Meet

Before creating your background, you’ll want to ensure that your pictures meet the platform's requirements. You’ll want to use high-quality images for your background. Zoom and Teams recommend that the aspect ratio of background images be 16:9, with a resolution of 1289 x 729 pixels or higher. Google Meet requires a JPG or JPEG file with a minimum of 1920 x 1090 pixels. You’ll want to ensure the file size is appropriate for your platform. Check the system requirements for custom backgrounds because video backgrounds may not work on older platforms.

How to Make Your Own

Making your background sets the stage for your meeting. A background can let you show off your personality while avoiding some of the distractions that occur in video meetings. Whether you have a cat in your office who insists on being onscreen or are trying to reduce the movement in a coffee shop, a background hides your real background. Most platforms have a curated collection of backgrounds that can be customized, but you can use your photo editing software to get started. Upload a photo to be your background, or create a solid color background to which you can add pictures. If you plan on using text, turn off “mirror image” to avoid having text read weirdly to other viewers.

Best Practices With Custom Backgrounds

Having a professional background is just the first step in looking more professional. Thinking about other items that impact how you appear on the screen is essential.

  • Don’t wear clothing the same color as your background, whether you use a virtual background or not. You don’t want to be a talking/floating head.

  • Make sure your camera is smudge-free and unobstructed.

  • You want good lighting, but not too bright. The lighting should be uniform across the screen.

  • Instead of using a window, where the light can change throughout the day, position a lamp in front of your face or use a Ring Light.

Get a Custom Background Easily with Custom Virtual Office

Create backgrounds for all different types of meetings with Custom Virtual Office. Learn how to enable virtual background during meetings to turn one on easily when your setting is distracting. Practice using backgrounds and lighting with coworkers to have an edge in a less relaxed meeting. Practice adjusting your background so you can do it seamlessly during a more important meeting when you want to be your best. It’s good to know how to use the different features in Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet, from audio to video quality.

Custom backgrounds can make meetings more fun, especially when you use filters and avatars. Custom Virtual Office has dozens of backgrounds for each season to let you customize and create your own. Your virtual office can be whatever you want it to be when you create backgrounds that use your logo and branding. Share your customized backgrounds with your team for a consistent look when you’re in a larger meeting. It’s easy to create a virtual office background with the templates available. Let us show you how to make the right impression with your colleagues.



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