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Complete Guide to Amazon Chime

Updated: Apr 10

Like many workers today, you may use videoconferencing software. If you work remotely, you likely use it frequently. You may be familiar with Zoom and Google Meet, but have you heard of or used Amazon Chime? Although you may have software you use regularly, you may want to learn more about Amazon’s videoconferencing option.

What is Amazon Chime?

Amazon Chime is a videoconferencing software. It is an alternative to Zoom and Google Meet. Amazon aimed to create software that worked well and provided exceptional video and audio on any screen, including mobile phones.

Amazon Chime Free Vs. Pro

When you complete your Amazon Chime download, you will find two options. First, you can opt for the free service. The free version allows you to attend and host one-on-one meetings, and you have screen-sharing capabilities. You can also share written files and use invitations and groups.

Chime also integrates with Alexa and gives you access to chat rooms. Finally, Chime Free offers military-grade encryption and administration controls.

The pro version gives you the free version and expanded meeting hosting of up to 250 people. You can also record your meetings in audio and video files. Chime Pro offers locked meetings; you can assign delegates and meeting controls. Meeting attendees can join meetings via telephone, or you can request that they call you on your smartphone to continue with the meeting.

What Devices Are Supported by Amazon Chime?

Chime is available on Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac devices. You can choose how to communicate on any mobile, laptop, or desktop device. All its services are available on a single application.

How to Schedule a Meeting

After downloading the Amazon Chime application, click “Meetings” at the top of your screen. In the drop-down menu, select “Schedule a meeting.”

A pop-up box will give you options, including ID generation, moderation, dial-in options, and information about in-room conference systems. Make your choices and click “Next.” Chime will then display a “Meeting schedule assistant,” where you will choose your calendar application. Then, click the “Schedule with…” button. Copy and paste your addresses and write or verify your meeting instructions before clicking “I am done.”

Utilize Chat Rooms & Messaging

The Chat and Messaging options allow you to add multiple people to your conversation. Click “Rooms” in the upper toolbar. To create a chat, click “Create a chat room.” A new dialog box will appear, and you can click “Create” and add members before clicking “Add.”

Click “Quick actions” on the web and  “Create a new chat room.” Add anyone you want to converse with and click “Add.” Your sidebar will show your new chat rooms. You can also find a chat room by reviewing the sidebar for the chat room you want to join, but make sure you contact the administrator so he or she can add you to the chat room.

You can do this inside Chime if you only want to message a contact. First, click the “Messages” icon and choose “New message.” Next, add your contact or contacts and type out your message. You can attach images before you select “Send.”

Both chat and messages support emojis, copying, and quoting.

Amazon Chime Pricing

Before you download Amazon Chime, you should understand the pricing schedule. First, you can choose the free version. The Chime Pro version is a maximum of $15 per month, but it is $3 per day if you only use it a few times. Call and text rates vary by region and are often charged per minute.

If you are looking for new videoconferencing options, check out Amazon Chime. Investigate all its features and pricing to learn how it can help you.


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