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Creating a Consistent Brand Image with Custom Video Backgrounds

Custom video backgrounds are a recent trend in video conferences and meetings. Setting up an animated background to play behind your camera feed is easy. Get a few tips for designing a great video background that promotes focus rather than causing distraction and is consistent with other branding.

Show Your Brand Values

When you choose a custom video background, you can select moving graphics that depict any concept or idea. You can find ways to display a brand's values with the right background video.

A looping video background that tours your headquarters or shows recognizable scenery in the location where a brand is based can provide a behind-the-scenes look at a company. If you represent a brand that manufactures products, consider a video background that depicts these items in use. You can emphasize the role that product offerings play in a brand's identity.

Zoom automatically loops background videos, so you only need to match your video's first and last frames. Looping is ideal for short videos that meet file size limit requirements. No matter what type of video loop you choose, this is a helpful tip for making custom video backgrounds.

Emphasize Brand On Your Background

One of the best ways to emphasize branding in a video background is to go beyond still logos with an animated version of your brand logo. Animated logos that reference some aspect of your products or other elements of brand identity can be even better for displaying a definable brand identity to your audience.

A brand's color scheme is also a natural choice for designing custom still or animated backgrounds. You can make a video background that prominently features brand colors for consistent branding and has subtle animation to keep meeting participants focused.

A static logo can be a consistent way to brand any background design. VirtualOffice backgrounds have space to display a logo and keep a brand on the minds of meeting participants. A branded video background should add to the positive impression that good branding can make on an audience without posing a distraction.

Your Own Virtual Style

You can find ways to show off your virtual style while maintaining a consistent brand image. Brand color palettes can be handy for taking this approach to create animated or static backgrounds.

The type of design you choose to display can indicate your style preferences while staying consistent with branding guidelines. For instance, you can use the standard colors of a brand in an abstract design that looks classic or trendy and matches your style while still being consistent with branding.

You can also choose a Virtual Office background that captures your style. Upload a still or animated logo image for a consistent brand image. Many brands may provide guidelines for virtual background designs, but some companies leave room for creative expression.

Target Your Audience

The most effective virtual and video backgrounds are chosen with the audience in mind. While you might like the look of a video with a lot of movement, this can be distracting in the background of a video call or conference.

Consider any background design from your audience's perspective and factor in the purpose of a meeting to choose the best background for the occasion. You might also consider using a slightly different background to suit other conversations or presentations.

Accessibility is another important consideration for your audience. It is advisable to avoid video backgrounds with flashing lights, especially in the frequency of five to 30 flashes per second. You should also consider whether a video background could compete with features such as captioning or translation.

Keep Innovating

Video backgrounds have been available for Zoom for several years. This feature is still in the process of rolling out for Microsoft Teams. Whether you create a custom video background, use a preset animated background, or display a static office background, there are many ways to keep branding consistent on video calls and virtual meetings or presentations.

Consider all of the background options available for the platform you use, and select a background that puts forth a consistent and polished brand image. Beyond animated and still virtual backgrounds, features like Zoom Immersive View can unite meeting organizers and participants in a shared virtual space. Stay up to date on developments in video call and conferencing technology to find new ways to capture and hold the attention of any audience.

Whether you create your custom video background or use a Custom Virtual Office background, you can find ways to make a consistent brand image on video calls, virtual meetings, and presentations. With a bit of preparation, you can easily create a custom-branded background.



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