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Email Signature Professional Do's and Don'ts: Info, Photos, & Design

Professionals can increase their impact and improve productivity by focusing on an essential piece of electronic communication: the email signature. Often overlooked, the email signature is the lasting impression you leave behind when you message potential clients, colleagues, managers, and other people you interact with daily through work. Here are the dos and don’ts regarding email signatures at work.

What is a Professional Email Signature?

A professional email signature is the closing part of your email message when messaging individuals at your workplace. Email signature examples are simple and professional when used in the workplace. You can customize your signature with your email program so it automatically closes each message you send.

Why is a Professional Email Signature Important?

Having an email signature that is professional and inviting is crucial because it could impact your success at your job. Your signature is the last part of your email message; if you falter on this, it could influence how you come across your message. 

How to Write a Professional Email Signature: Do's & Dont's

Writing effective professional email signatures is a simple and fast process. When you create your signature, look at email signature examples to see some do’s and don’ts for this vital part of your online presence. Follow these tips to create a professional signature that is powerful and leaves an impact.

Limit Your Signature Text

First, when you check out email signature examples, you may see how long the typical signature should be. You want to limit your signature text to three or four lines. Anything longer can be excessive. A signature should be short to make the most impact. When you set this up in your email program, you can input the text you want to appear after every email you send.

Include Images and Color

A professional email signature should also be memorable. One way to do that is to add limited images and color to your signature. An image could be your company logo, branding, or a headshot that is small enough to fit in the signature. A pop of color could also make a strong statement on your signature.

Make It Mobile-Friendly

Professional email signatures in today’s digital setting also have to be mobile-friendly. If your signature looks wildly different on a phone, you may need to reformat it or change it. Use mobile-friendly fonts that are legible and visually appealing. Test your signature in desktop and mobile format to ensure it looks the way you want.

Avoid Wasting Valuable Space

There are also some things you should never include in professional email signatures. Your space is limited, so you want to ensure you don’t include redundant information, such as your email address. Some professionals include an inspirational quote or saying, which is fine. Ensure your saying or quote isn’t something your audience may take offense to, such as a political or religious statement.

Other Things to Include in Your Email Signature

People in sales should also include a few other essentials in their professional email signature. Including your LinkedIn profile information is a good idea, especially for networking. Consider adding a short call to action connected to your product or service offering in your signature. You’ll also want to include your full name, phone number, and other relevant contact information.

Something as simple as an email signature can be optimized to be more effective in business. Remember, keep it simple, short, and striking. Follow these tips to makeover your email signature and help contacts remember your name and message more efficiently.


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