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Everything To Know About SlackAI

As a business owner, you have likely researched and adopted some collaboration tools for your staff and clients. The rise in AI technology and rampant adoption by many individuals and businesses also encouraged you to start researching how to benefit from AI technology. However, have you looked into SlackAI? This is what you should know about this AI tool.

What Is Slack AI?

Slack AI generates data. It takes the information from your conversations and builds summaries in seconds. Amazon Web Services hosts Slack’s infrastructure and data. This includes the messaging data you can access or within the Slack infrastructure. After a summary request, Slack AI will find the information you need and the most relevant data in the conversation. Then, this information moves through a large language model to create the summary or answer to your question, which then moves back through Slack AI and to you.

Features of Slack AI

Slack AI has several features, including:

  • Summarizing conversations you had on Slack with your team

  • Summarizing messages you have not read yet for a specific date range in different channels, threads, and direct messages

  • Answering questions based on files, messages, conversations, and other channels

  • Summarizing messages, channels, and conversations from your entire day

You can customize your recap period, which is especially beneficial when you return from vacation, if you are new to a team, or if the discussion is moving quickly.

Pros & Cons of Using Slack AI for Your Remote Team

The Slack AI bot has extensive flexibility. You can customize its operations by choosing or creating different channels, groups, topics, or messages. You can also use Slack AI with other applications, creating valuable interfacing opportunities. The application is user-friendly. You also have access to reactions and emojis.

Slack AI has scalability challenges. In addition, although it has some free features, its more comprehensive options have higher costs than similar applications. If you keep Slack open on your computer, it is noisy, creating distractions, and you may receive too many notifications. However, you can manage your notifications within the Slack options. Slack AI also has some security challenges because it does not have end-to-end encryption and data sovereignty.

Privacy & Security Aspects To Consider

Like Slack, the Slack bot AI has several privacy and security features. First, your data stays within the Slack infrastructure. Those on your channels can only access data you permit them to access, and Slack AI only summarizes or provides information on data that these individuals already have access to.

Slack AI also has and meets the compliance and security requirements of the Slack enterprise. However, it does not offer end-to-end encryption. It also does not provide data sovereignty.

How To Get Started With Slack AI Today

To get started, you can test Slack AI by working with its free options. To get an account, you only need to sign up. To upgrade, sign in to Slack and select “Upgrade Now.” Choose the options you want and enter your payment information. Review your order and click “Purchase” to start a Slack account.

If you already have a Slack plan, you can add Slack AI. Go to Slack’s pricing page and select “Get Slack AI” if you already have Slack. Then, select “Purchase Slack AI.”

Slack AI FAQs

How Does it Work?

Slack hosts a third-party product, a large language model, within its infrastructure.

This model allows Slack AI to provide answers and conversation summaries.

Does it Work With Mobile Devices?

Slack AI is available for mobile devices.

You can choose Slack AI with both your Android and iOS devices.

Slack AI is a valuable tool that can save you time and help you better manage the information flow and communications you face during your workday. Test the application to see how it can benefit your company.


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