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How To Find Google Meet Recordings

Do you use Google Meet for your videoconferencing needs? Did you know that you can record your meetings and review them later? However, you can only record your meetings if you pay for an individual plan or a business plan, not if you use the free service. After you have signed up for a plan, this is how to record Google Meet.

Where Do You Find Google Meet Recordings?

Fortunately, Google Meet records your meetings automatically. When you use Google Meet, your Google Drive creates a new folder called “Meet Recordings.” To find your recordings, click “Go to Drive” after you log onto your Google Drive. You will see “Folders” under “My Drive.” Select the “Meet Recordings” folder and search for the right recording.

Your Google Calendar will also store any Google Meet conferences if you use this application to hold your meeting. Go to the meeting note in your calendar and click the link to view the video. After your meeting, Google will send an email with the recording. Follow the link to access your video.

Where Are the Settings for Google Meet Recordings?

Create a Google Meet recording by selecting the “New Meeting” button on the Google Meet website. At the bottom righthand side of your screen, you will see “Activities.” Click on this and find “Recording.” You will see a “Start Recording” button pop up. Then, click “Start.”

You can also stop the recording when you choose. You will find another menu on the left with a “Stop Recording” button. This will not stop your meeting. You cannot choose where Google records your meeting.

How To Save & Play Google Meet Recordings

You can play your recordings in several ways. First, you can double-click the link in the email Google sends you. Once you click the link, click “Play” to view the file. You can also access your files through your Google Calendar. You will find a link to your recording in your event space. When you click the link, a new tab will appear, and you can watch your video.

Access your videos in Google Meet by opening your Google Drive. Find your “Meet Recordings” folder under “My Drive. All you have to do is click on the recording you want to review, and it will start.

How To Download & Share Google Meet Recordings

Now that you know how to record a Google Meet, go to your Google Drive account, find your “Meet Recordings” folder, and select a file to download. In the upper right-hand corner, you will see three vertical dots. Click this “More” icon and select “Download.” Download the file to your desktop or a specific folder.

You can also download your video from the email you receive. Open the email and hover over the attachment. You will see a “Download” icon to save your recording.

You will also see a “Share” icon at the top right-hand corner of your Google Drive page. You will see a popup menu where you must add the email addresses of those who want to share your video. Then, select “Done.” You can also share your videos from your email by forwarding them to them.

Google Meet FAQs

How To Check Google Meet Call History

First, you must go to your Google Admin console and sign in. Click on “Reports” and then “Audit Log.” Your history will be in the “Google Meet” folder.

Google Meet’s Video Processing Time

Google Meet processes your recordings before placing them in your folder and emailing you. This process can take up to 24 hours, but you can find most in a few hours.

You can keep recordings of all your important meetings. Just choose a Google subscription and follow these guidelines.


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Elisa Zalinka
Elisa Zalinka
Nov 22, 2023

Although the majority can be found in a few hours, this process can take up to 24 hours. Recordings of all of your significant meetings are available. Simply select a Google membership and adhere to these instructions. ragdoll archers

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