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How To Find Zoom Recordings

Have you conducted meetings or sales conferences on Zoom? You may have even thought recording your conferences for later review would be a good idea. However, do you know where to find them after you record them? This is how to find Zoom recordings.

Where Are They Located on My Computer?

Did you know that Zoom records your meetings on your computer? Both Macs and PCs can find their recordings in the same way. First, make sure your Zoom Client is the latest version. Open and sign in to your application using your Zoom account information. At the top of your screen, you will see a “Meetings” icon.

In the upper left-hand corner, click “Recorded” and search under “File Location” to find your recordings. Then, you have to open the files you want to view. You can even create a for your desktop.

Where Are They Located in the Cloud?

If you aren’t near your computer, you may ask how to find recorded Zoom meetings on the cloud. First, log into your online Zoom account. You will find your recordings on the left-hand side of the screen. However, Zoom will not save your recordings here, and you will not have access to them if you do not have a subscription to the Zoom Cloud.

Where Can I Find My Zoom Recording Settings?

You can change your settings for your Zoom recordings as well. Start by opening your Zoom Client and clicking the “Home” button at the center of the top of your page. The software may bring you to your home area automatically. On the upper left side of the software, you will see a “Settings” icon resembling a nut or flower with a hole in the center. When the toolbar loads, click “Recordings.”

A box will pop up with all the settings you can adjust. Review these settings and select those that you desire. You can also change your local recording file path by clicking on the file path at the top. Then, click “Choose a new location” and select where to store your recordings.

How To Save & Play Zoom Recordings

Now that you know how to find Zoom recordings on the computer and the cloud, you should know how to save and play your recordings. In your Zoom meeting, click the “Record” button to save your meetings. This will save your meetings to the cloud and your computer.

To play your recordings from the cloud, you sign in to your account. On the left-hand side of the screen, select “Recordings.” Choose the item you want to view and hit “Play.” You can also play recordings on your computer by opening and signing into your Zoom Client. Choose “Meetings” and “Recorded.” Then, choose the one you want to view.

How To Download & Share Zoom Recordings

Now that you know how to find a Zoom recording, you should understand how to download and share your recordings. The ability to download your recordings from the cloud is a real benefit. All you have to do is sign into your Zoom account and click “Recordings.” Then, choose the recording you want to download. Select the recording and click on “Download.”

Do you ever want to share your recordings, perhaps with a teammate or client? You can do so easily from your Zoom cloud account. Sign in and choose your recording as you did above. Then, instead of clicking “Download,” click “Share.” You can also share a .mp4 file directly from your computer by clicking on the recording you want to share and uploading it to a video streaming site. Then, you can share the link.

Your Zoom recordings are just a few clicks away. Now, you can start recording, watching, sharing, and downloading your conferences.


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