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How to Send Professional Texts & Emails in Business Communication

If you're wondering how to text someone for the first time professionally, you already know the importance of good business communication. Unlike personal correspondence, professional texts and emails convey important information to one or more parties. It's also expected that these forms of correspondence are less casual and more sophisticated.

The stakes are often high in business, meaning one careless email could drastically affect your reputation. Fortunately, drafting appropriate business correspondence is relatively easy with the right approach.

What Are Professional Texts & Emails?

Before digital devices were so ubiquitous, colleagues and co-workers frequently conveyed information by phone. In some cases, employees could share information via letters or fax in later years.

While the same rules apply to prior forms of communication regarding professionalism, texts and emails are genuinely in a league of their own. Unlike phone conversations, texts and emails document communication between two or more people. While both contain written words, texts, and emails, they also differ from mail and fax because the former category of correspondence can arrive instantaneously.

How Are They Different From Personal Texts & Emails?

Most people take a casual approach when digitally corresponding with friends and loved ones. Concerns about spelling and grammar will be less prevalent. The discussion topics often involve daily life, family, entertainment, and other subjects.

With something like a professional text message, grammar, and spelling will be hugely important. Errors can prevent you from correctly conveying the intent of a message, and it can also call into question the sender's professional qualifications. And when it comes to topics of conversation, professional texts and emails are typically a lot more formal and informative.

How to Write a Professional Text

When drafting a professional text, keep these steps in mind:

  • Determine the purpose of the email before getting started (perhaps you're trying to woo a new client)

  • Utilize a friendly yet professional tone

  • Use clear, concise language and communicate ideas succinctly

  • Add attachments and links if needed

  • Encourage the recipient to respond with their thoughts, opinions, and questions

It always helps to read through your text before sending it to ensure it conveys the exact message you intend. If you want more control over the process, consider drafting the text in your phone's notes app and having a co-worker read it before sending it. This level of due diligence ensures you're fully satisfied with the message when you hit send.

How to Write a Professional Email

While creating a professional email is similar to the drafting process for professional texts, there are a few additional elements to consider. First, make sure the email address you're sending the correspondence from presents you professionally. Personal email addresses with humorous elements might not be suitable for work correspondence.

You'll also need to create a subject line. Aim for brevity when drafting your subject line by only including critical elements. You can use the body of the text to fill in the necessary details.

As for the greeting, take a professional approach while remaining personable and friendly. And while it's perfectly acceptable to use a person's first name alone, only do so when you've already established a rapport with the recipient. Otherwise, use the person's last name with the appropriate honorific (such as Mr., Mrs., or Ms.)

As with professional texts, have a colleague read over the email before sending it to ensure it meets your standards. Also, run spelling and grammar checks to catch typos you may have overlooked.

Express Yourself Professionally in the Workplace

Digital correspondence significantly increases convenience at work, but the right approach is critical to a successful outcome. By using the above tips, you'll be able to communicate efficiently and effectively with supervisors, co-workers, customers, and clients.


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