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Switch up Your Zoom Virtual Background for Summer: 10 Vibrant Backgrounds

Whether planning a summer getaway to a far-flung locale or simply wishing you could, using visual cues to put you in a summer frame of mind is a great way to foster a refreshed and focused mindset. Keeping summer’s highlights front and center with a customized virtual office backdrop is easy with that in mind. Here are ten vibrant and inspirational summer-friendly backgrounds to download for your next online conference.

1. Sydney

Sydney is a chic virtual setting featuring a clean, Scandinavian-style sofa, a lush green plant, an artistic rug, and a sleek coffee table. Located on a high floor in a bustling city, it creates a casual yet professional ambiance. Personalize it by adding your logo to the wall. Perfect for your virtual meetings!

2. Seoul

Seoul is a background featuring a modern conference table, dark walls, and a motivational print that says, "Dreams don't work unless you do." With cool ceiling art, a vibrant plant, and MCM chairs, this high-floor city view creates a chic, professional ambiance.

3. Paris

The Paris background is a sophisticated virtual picture of a black modern conference table, industrial-style dark textured accent wall, and minimalist chairs. Located on a floor overlooking a bustling European city, this background exudes an industrial, professional ambiance. Inspire productivity with plans rolled out on the table. 

4. Oslo

The Oslo background is the perfect image of an inviting virtual space abundant with greenery, a cozy blue armchair, and a room-separating screen adorned with hanging vines. Complete with books and a tribal-inspired rug, it's perfect for summer. Personalize with your logo on the textured wall for a welcoming, professional atmosphere that blends relaxation with productivity.

5. Moscow

This Moscow virtual backdrop features a serene light blue sofa and chair set amidst a bright, soft room. Adorned with a floral arrangement on a chic coffee table and a hint of coffee or tea nearby, it exudes warmth and tranquility. The white brick wall and abstract stone-like rug add an outdoor-inspired touch, creating a welcoming and professional ambiance.

6. Milan

With refreshing summer hues like pretty green and friendly yellow, the Milan background is perfect for a fun and professional vibe. A yellow sofa bathed in filtered light, ocean-themed art, and playful decor like cool rugs and plants create a vibrant yet polished setting. 

7. Manila

Highlight the bright ambiance that evokes the summer sun with Manila, a summer virtual Zoom background featuring herringbone floors, a metal-accented conference table with a large desktop, and minimalist rolling high-back chairs. Complemented by organized shelves hinting at productivity, it’s set in a clean, professional room against a bustling cityscape. 

8. Dubai

Bask in warm, soft light and summery blue, yellow, and orange hues. The Dubai virtual background is perfect for a touch of summer indoors, featuring a cozy sofa, two vibrant green plants, and an elegant coffee table with upscale accents. Set against a backdrop that captures the bustling cityscape from a high-rise, you can personalize your logo on the wooden wall for a warm and inviting professional environment.

9. Barcelona

In the Barcelona virtual background, filtered sunlight illuminates a charming space featuring clean-lined Eames chairs and light wood conference tables, hinting at productivity. A soft pink abstract accent adorns the back wall alongside fresh green plants. Perfect for establishing a trendy professional environment.

10. Brooklyn

The Brooklyn background represents everything this city is in real life: Tall windows flood a charming brick-walled space with natural light, illuminating professional furniture like rolling high-back chairs and a sleek conference table. Ideal for a trendy professional environment, hinting at a startup vibe, it’s an excellent option for bringing some freshness to your summer workspace. 

Now that you’ve gotten some great ideas for creating your seasonal shifts via your desktop backdrop, it’s time to start downloading. Just visit the website of your favorite online tools provider to design a custom image, and then enjoy your summer virtual background from the comfort of your own air-conditioned office space.



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