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How to use Zoom Immersive view

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

To start an Immersive View

Zoom immersive view
Choose immersive view
  1. Start a meeting as the host

  2. In the top corner, click View

  3. Immersive View

  4. Select Automatically or Manually

  5. Select the scene you would like to use

  6. Start the immersive view

To use a custom Immersive View

Use immersive view
  1. In the top corner, click View

  2. Immersive View

  3. Click the + button to add a custom scene

  4. Select your custom scene

  5. Open

  6. Start

  7. Click and drag participant videos down onto the scene, adjusting their size as needed

  • Zoom just recently released the Immersive View feature. By default, the immersive view setting is enabled for free and single pro accounts for users with version 5.6.3 or higher and disabled for all other account types.

  • To enable the immersive view option go to the Zoom help center

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