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Pros & Cons of Using Zoom for Virtual Meetings

Updated: Apr 8

Over the last couple of years, you may have spent a lot of time on Zoom, whether for virtual meetings or to catch up with friends. This video conferencing service offers users several features, such as virtual backgrounds for zoom. Zoom works well for one-on-one chats, office meetings, and webinars for up to 100 attendees.

As more people are returning to the office, there may be less need for this type of conferencing. However, it does offer convenience for those still working from home or when team members are on vacation. Whether you love or hate virtual meetings, using Zoom has advantages and disadvantages.

Best Zoom Features

Zoom has many great features. One of them is the Zoom office background. You may not have a designated office to work out of when you work remotely. Or perhaps you do, but you build up a lot of clutter. Zoom allows you to choose from various virtual backgrounds to make your office seem clean, organized, and professional.

One concern about many virtual meeting participants is how they appear on the screen. Whether it is what they are wearing, how their hair looks, or the screen highlighting every wrinkle, people are sometimes self-conscious of their appearance. One great feature on Zoom is the Appearance Touch-up. A filter on the camera helps eliminate blemishes, smooths fine lines, and adds a touch of radiance to the face.

Another feature is integrating third-party apps such as Microsoft Teams or Outlook. If it is an important meeting and you do not want to take too many notes, try the audio transcript feature, which allows you to import the file.

Pros of Zoom

Some companies use Zoom regularly, while others use it occasionally. No matter how often it is used in a business, there are many advantages. One of the main overall pros of Zoom, along with other virtual conferencing services, is that it helps everyone stay connected when it is impossible to meet in person. It allows for a more personal touch and connection between employers and employees, and employees can easily stay on track and maintain communication with their colleagues.

Zoom is also user-friendly. One does not need to take the time to register or set up an account to join a meeting. People need to click on the link to join a meeting or download the mobile app for convenience. It is also easy for the person scheduling the meeting to set it up. Along with being able to choose a Zoom background, users find that it is easy to work the mute and camera buttons.

Zoom also offers reliability in terms of connectivity, and it outperforms other video conferencing and chat apps. The quality of audio and video is also excellent. The audio is better than using a mobile phone, and the special features, such as touchup appearance, brightness adjustment, and background noise reduction, further enhance the overall quality.

Zoom is excellent for large groups of people. It is free for up to 100 attendees, and it can accommodate many larger-sized audiences for a fee. It is free, except for enhanced features, and a bonus for businesses of all sizes.

Cons of Zoom

Although the basic Zoom package is free, which is an advantage, it does limit some of the features. For example, there is a 40-minute time limit for meetings, which immediately shuts down after that time. If a meeting is scheduled for longer than 40 minutes, the host would need to send out a new link for the next meeting session.

Zoom is hard on system resources because it requires a high processing capacity. This means that it can quickly run down a battery if the computer or phone is not plugged in. The performance also depends on the internet capacity of each user.

Customizing Your Zoom Backgrounds

The fact that users can customize their background while in a meeting is a big perk, and it can add an element of fun to an otherwise dry and dull presentation. In snowy climates, one may choose a sunny beach background, while someone may choose a bright colored background on a day they are feeling a bit down.

There is also the best virtual meeting room background customization feature to keep colleagues connected while working remotely. This allows the meeting's host to choose a background that makes it look like all the participants are sitting in one room together. Isolation is one consequence of working from home, and this feature allows for more connection among teammates.


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Jake Norton
Jake Norton
Jul 11, 2023

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