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Top 10 Branded Backgrounds for Immersive View

Updated: May 14

An Immersive View virtual office background places video conference participants in a shared virtual space. Various backgrounds are available; you can upload a business logo to display in any branded background. Look at the ten best-branded backgrounds for Immersive View and video calls.

What Is Immersive View

Immersive View allows meeting organizers to gather video feeds of all participants in one shared scene. When using Zoom version 5.6.3 or later, a meeting organizer can enter this mode by clicking “View” in the top right corner and selecting “Immersive View.”

In addition to a choice of Zoom Immersive View backgrounds, organizers can also automatically or manually place up to 25 participants. Click “Start” to begin a Zoom meeting in Immersive View. As participants join a meeting, they will appear in a scene's specified or next available space.

10 Backgrounds You Can Customize

Here are 10 of the most popular Immersive View scenes and branded offices. You can customize any of the following backgrounds by uploading a high-resolution business logo.

1. Cinema

A cinema background is a good choice for casual meetings. Many meeting participants are pleasantly surprised by the appealing layout of this simple theater. Stadium-style seating ensures that up to 25 participants can be seen. The cinema Immersive View scene can display a custom logo on the back wall.

2. Classroom

A classroom is a popular Zoom Immersive View background download for use in online learning. This scene, which displays a logo against a brick accent wall, is inviting and non-distracting. Arrange participants around three tables in a well-lit space with two decorative whiteboards.

3. Open Space

Evoke a trendy office environment with an open-plan background. You can prominently display a logo on the virtual office wall over a meeting table. A basic blue and white color scheme is calming and promotes focus among participants.

4. Dining Room

A dining room Immersive View scene is a casual gathering space for mealtime meetings or other group calls. A room with white and pastel walls and darker-colored chairs can be an appetizing alternative to other scenes. This scene can also display a custom logo.

5. Lounge

Try a casually chic environment with a teal-colored visual flare and the option to display a logo. A lounge background can be an excellent way to keep smaller Immersive View meetings fresh.

6. Startup

The Startup branded office displays a logo on a virtual whiteboard. A table, bookcase, and plant make this basic virtual office more appealing, and visible closed window shades accommodate most camera light levels.

7. Tokyo

International office environments can make you look more professional. The minimalist design of the Tokyo-branded office is appealing for video calls and meetings.

8. Sicily

The Sicily branded office incorporates fine Italian design. Showcase your style with a branded office that offers low-key logo placement.

9. Melbourne

Melbourne is a bright and inviting branded office background. Prominently display a logo over your presence in video calls.

10. Oslo

Make an impression of tasteful style with the Oslo branded office. This virtual office background features a designer chair, bookcase, folding screen, and carpet with leafy green accents.

Why Branded Backgrounds Are Better

Immersive View Zoom backgrounds and virtual offices can make online meetings look more professional. Start by selecting an Immersive View scene for participants on Zoom or a virtual office background to use on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet. Customize any scene or virtual office background by uploading a high-resolution business logo.


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These backgrounds are so impressive. I love it and merge fruit which is awesome.

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