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Pros & Cons of Using Skype for Virtual Meetings

Updated: Apr 8

Skype is a popular platform to keep in touch with your family and friends, but more businesses use Skype as their virtual meeting platform. It’s a valuable communication tool that can easily integrate into your business tools. Here are the pros and cons of using Skype.

Best Skype Features

Skype meeting works with all your devices, from your phone to desktop computer to Xbox and tablets. Skype has end-to-end encryption that lets you keep conversations private. Skype Web enables you to connect with friends, family, and colleagues, even those who don’t have Skype. You can call landlines and mobile phones on Skype. Skype also lets you send text messages through its platform. Smart messaging lets you react to messages instantly through the platform. Your team can easily share presentations, pictures, and data without missing a beat with screen sharing.

The noise suppression feature for Skype was released last year. It silences everything in the background, from construction noise next door to your dog barking on the patio. Unfortunately, the Skype designers haven’t found a way to keep your cat away from your computer while chatting with your team. But the noise suppression feature is one way to reduce distractions when you’re in an online meeting.

Skype designers have listened to users to add more features that make sense. One recent release gives users the ability to raise their hand while using Skype to ask questions during a presentation. The platform has added emoticons, call reactions, new backgrounds, and holiday themes to keep up with virtual meetings. The Skype team uses user suggestions to make Skype even more effective for your business.

Pros of Skype

Skype for business is getting an upgrade because it’s getting a boost from integrating with Microsoft Teams. The benefits of using Skype in your business:

  • The free version often fills the need for small businesses. You can incorporate up to 50 participants in video chats with no time limit.

  • Skype offers a comprehensive help database online.

  • You have the option to record meetings.

  • Easily create and join meetings online.

  • Skype lets you use background effects.

  • Voice and text translators for instant breakdowns of language barriers.

Cons of Skype

Although Skype does have a lot of great features for your business, it’s not without some issues. There has been some confusion over which services you have to pay for. Skype doesn’t replace a phone. There are limited emergency calling plans, depending on your country. It may also have ad inserts when you use the free plan.

Skype isn’t the most straightforward interface to use. Although you can call landlines through Skype, you need WiFi to get the most use out of the platform. The system requirements to run Skype lean toward newer technology, so people with older phones or computers may not have the capability to use Skype. There are connectivity issues with Skype. Some users complain about Skype dropping connection or buffering during a meeting. While Skype has an extensive help database, it can be challenging to get a real person to provide support.

Customizing Your Skype Experience

Skype is continuing to add new features. Skype for business has come a long way in the past couple of years as everyone pivoted to working from home with the pandemic. With Skype, you are in control of your meetings. The lock feature lets you limit the users in your group. You can lock out trolls without disrupting the meeting.

Last year, Skype had plans to modernize its platform. New themes and layouts are being added to allow customization within the interface. Skype background gives you more options. Microsoft is also looking at performance issues, especially on Android phones. The company has committed to supporting all browsers, regardless of your device.

Even people without a Skype account can join meetings without downloading a thing. Your participants can join as a guest or log in to their Skype account. It’s easier than ever to use Skype for businesses.

Skype Is Modernizing Its Platform

Skype is continually making changes to its tools to meet your needs. The plan is to make the Skype experience easier and more delightful for users. Twin cam features let you show off two video streams so you can add another camera to your meeting. More features in Skype can be customized. Skype users have more reaction options than they once did.

The redesigns throughout Skype are helping to make the user experience even faster and less complicated. Users don’t have to worry about downloading an app or setting up an account unless they want to. Users can join a Skype call as a guest. Even better, there’s no time limit on Skype. Although most people want meetings to be kept short and sweet, you won't have to stress to keep it more concise if you have a meeting that will run for an hour. Get Virtual Office for branding that integrates with Skype.



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