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Should You be Using Chrome, Safari, or Edge? Which Browser is Best in 2023

Every web browser has pros and cons, including Chrome, Safari, and Edge. Each manufacturer — Google, Apple, and Microsoft — loves to tout their browser as superior in design, quality, and ease of use.

Unfortunately, all three browsers can not be the best; there must be only one winner, right? Discover the advantages and disadvantages of each popular browser and uncover which is best for your internet browsing and needs.

Best Browser in 2023

When it comes to browsers, there are several notable mentions. Not all made this list, notably Firefox. The primary reason Firefox is not on the list is its performance. While the browser has excellent customization features, the speed is just too slow for the demands of modern society.

While there are many factors to consider in determining a winning browser, the criteria for this list include ease of use, speed, reliability, and security. Dive into the pros and cons of Chrome, Safari, and Edge.

Pros & Cons of Chrome

Google Chrome is a popular choice. It is known for its speed and reliability. The browser is also simple and intuitive for most users, including professionals.

The main advantages of Chrome are its extensive library of apps and extensions and its tab management system. Both benefits allow users to customize a pleasant experience that suits their needs.

The primary disadvantage or con is that Chrome can be resource-intensive. Many users complain about the browser slowing down their devices and using a lot of memory. Also, Chrome's privacy features have come under scrutiny in the past several years.

Pros & Cons of Safari

Anyone using an Apple device is undoubtedly familiar with Safari, the default browser on Macs, iPhones, and iPads. Safari integrates seamlessly with Apple devices, which is convenient for dedicated fans.

The primary advantages of Safaris include its performance and security features. The browser is reliable, fast, and incorporates password monitoring and Intelligent Tracking Prevention.

The main disadvantage of Safari is its limited use and lack of customization features. Not all websites work on Safari, and the browser is primarily a take-it-or-leave-it setup.

Pros & Cons of Edge

Microsoft Edge is the successor to Internet Explorer. The browser is compatible with most platforms and is known for its speed, modern design, and security.

The main benefits of Edge include its privacy features, such as tracking prevention and password monitoring, and its seamless integration with Microsoft services. Offices using OneDrive and Microsoft Teams will especially love this browser.

The primary disadvantage is that Edge is slightly slower than other browsers, including Chrome. Also, Edge's extensions are not as vast as Chrome and other browsers, so customization is limited.

The Winner

The browser of choice is Chrome. It is highly customizable and has many features and extensions, allowing for preferences and independent workflows. That said, Chrome is likely ideal for independent contractors or casual users.

For larger enterprises, Microsoft Edge is likely a better choice. While you may sacrifice a little in speed and customization, you make up for it with security features.

Apple Safari is just too limited at this point. If you are not an Apple user, there is no significant benefit to using the browser.

Choosing an internet browser as a casual user or professional is essential. Having a tool that protects your information but also makes the research process easier is helpful. Contact a local IT professional if you need help determining which browser suits you or your company. They can walk you through the pros and cons and offer insight into which browser is best.



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