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15 Professional Backgrounds to Download for Teams

Updated: Sep 5

We all want to appear as professional as we can when we are engaged in an online meeting. We certainly don't want folks on the other end seeing anything that would cause you or your company embarrassment. However, especially when working remotely, our thoughts are more oriented toward the business rather than the dirty dishes on the table behind us. A Microsoft Team's background will ensure that those on the other end will never see those dishes.

Why Having a Professional Background Is Important

Employing a professional background is as easy as learning how to use Microsoft Teams. This is because both are designed to be intuitive and utilize clear steps to a successful installation. There are several reasons why using a professional background is essential. It gives you the freedom and the options to create the precise virtual environment you want viewers to see.

Choosing a background you are comfortable with also helps establish your comfort level, freeing you up to focus on business matters. You can also show off your brand identity with a virtual background and help guide viewers toward whatever concepts you want them to think about.

Tips for Using Virtual Backgrounds

When considering a virtual background download, the first step is to realize your options. Figure out what works for you and put it in the rotation when it suits you. You should also get comfortable with the idea that displaying a pseudo-reality is today's norm, preferable to many dull, cluttered, or unsightly real backgrounds.

You want to use contrast to your advantage but not put up something so busy that it drowns you out. For instance, if you have dark features and are sitting in a dark chair, you might consider a light background to help your presence stand out.

15 Visual Backgrounds to Download Now

  1. Microsoft Sharepoint Styled Living Room View

  2. Microsoft Nice Clean Wall View

  3. Microsoft a Day at the Office

  4. Microsoft Central Park View

  5. Microsoft Office Background

  6. Microsoft Hotel Room Background

  7. Microsoft Small Office Background for Teams

  8. Microsoft Book Case Wallpaper for Teams

  9. Microsoft Skyscraper View

  10. Microsoft Clear Wall

  11. Microsoft Perfect Living Room Picture

  12. Microsoft Blur (This feature blurs out the background so that nothing takes the focus away from you)

  13. Microsoft A View at the Sky

  14. Microsoft Clippy

  15. Microsoft Working from Within the Apple Office

Other custom virtual backgrounds exhibit more personality than may be recommended for formal meetings but are perfect for informal, internal meetings with your team. They pull from anything you can think of and add fun and levity to your background.

Dynamics 365 backgrounds pair colors with shapes to create artistic representations that walk the line between engaging and busy. Nostalgia Backgrounds are virtual scenes that offer a dynamic mixture of fun and enthusiasm and are perfect for sharing with your internal team members.

Some backgrounds feature our favorite network stars and scenes from the likes of CBS, NBC, and Fox. You can sit at Ron Swanson's desk or gaze on a beautiful Hawaiian scene care of Magnum P.I. Fox Sports also gets into the action, offering their signature NFL robot and backgrounds with their anchors.

A virtual background can add elegance, professionalism, and fun to your meeting and make you feel comfortable enough to get down to business. Visit a virtual background website to learn more about how virtual backgrounds can be used with the best virtual meeting platform or any of your favorite platforms.

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