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The Secret to Successful Video Meetings - Sometimes, looks do matter.

As much as we try to deny it, we do live in a world where people judge books by covers. Especially in business meetings, and even more so in video meetings. You don’t get a second chance at a first impression, whether you’re trying to land a new contract or are simply going over the final touches on a project with a client.

Working from home isn’t an excuse to abandon everything we’ve worked so hard for in the corporate setting. Your clients still expect the same professionalism, and to see that you care about giving them a memorable experience. A clean space indicates a clear mind, which indicates someone worthy of a partnership. It’s all about psychology, and a bad background can put you in someone’s very bad books.

Professional virtual background

The global pandemic fast-tracked the already-rapid migration to the online world, sealing our clear need for streamlined digital interaction. And while there are plenty of video conferencing tools out there hosting a professional video meeting is easier said than done, and maintaining a professional atmosphere from home isn’t easy.

Many people are under the false impression that video conferencing doesn’t require the same level of perfection as its in-person counterpart, but on the contrary – visual impact is everything when you’re dealing with clients, colleagues, or even reporters. Wainhouse's research revealed that 64% of people are involved in video conferences every single week, making polished digital images crucial in the digital realm.

While lighting and your choice of attire are critical, one of the most important aspects to work on is your background. You can’t expect clients to take you seriously if you’re chatting away in front of a messy, cluttered backdrop showcasing last night’s dinner.

With video conferencing, less is always more, and neutral backgrounds that have been professionally designed can help you appear more professional, polished, and passionate. Your Zoom background of choice does more than entertain and impress. Professional backgrounds that align with your core objectives set the host apart and guarantee a memorable session for all.

Zoom virtual background

Still unsure as to whether you need a Zoom background or not? Let’s crunch some more numbers. A Salt Lake City research team surveyed over 1,500+ people who engage in video calls at least once a month, all of whom used either image of plants, art, bookshelves, candles, natural lighting, or a blank wall as a background for their call.

Interestingly, with “blank wall” being the least successful, participants agreed that the subjects appeared more intelligent, trustworthy, approachable, and friendly with certain backdrops – with Art and Plants ranking higher than candles, bookshelves, or a window. Clearly, what’s outback matters just as much as the foreground.

Concealing the existing background in your home with a virtual replacement is a proven way to engage, impress, and intrigue your client or colleague, which will pique their interest and garner more respect for you. Your video meeting background can say a lot about you and how much trouble you’re willing to go to for a successful meeting, but if you don’t know where to begin, Virtual Office can help.

Our mission is to combat unprofessional video meetings with an assortment of stunning virtual backgrounds. Our professionally branded virtual backgrounds are easy to use, and the impact will echo through for months – if not years. Visit Virtual Office to explore the available virtual offices today.


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