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Virtual Meeting Background Colors To Avoid

Updated: May 14

Specific colors look better than others on camera during virtual meetings. Using a bright or bold background can seem like an easy way to stand out, but these shades can be distracting and make you appear less professional. Here are five virtual background colors to avoid for Zoom tips, along with suggestions for alternative colors and virtual office backgrounds.

1. Bright & Neon

Bright colors seem like a fail-proof way to make the other virtual meeting attendees notice you without saying a word. However, this strategy is unlikely to have the desired effect if your desired shade is an eyesore.

Avoid bright or neon backgrounds. You can get better results with more subdued shades of specific colors like blue. Just look out for color reflections, which can affect your on-camera appearance.

2. Red

Red is a bold color that could overwhelm your on-camera presence. If you love this color but are avoiding distracting backgrounds, try a virtual office background that features red decorative accents.

A bright red background can also cause color reflections, which could make watching your camera feed less pleasant for other virtual meeting attendees. A darker shade of red, such as burgundy or maroon, could be a better compromise.

3. White

A plain white background can seem minimalist, but it is another background color to avoid. White backgrounds are bright on the screen. Depending on the Zoom camera settings for your meeting, this background can cause on-screen flashes that could negatively affect attendees with certain health conditions.

For a simple, light background, you could use a neutral cream or off-white shade. The light levels in your camera's location can make very light, solid virtual backgrounds more or less flattering.

4. Colors Clashing With Your Clothing

Many professionals plan which clothing they will wear during virtual meetings. It is also essential to consider how an outfit could complement or clash with background colors.

Neutral shades go with everything. A color such as light gray or light blue is unlikely to clash with any clothing color. One important exception is if you are wearing an outfit of a similar color. You should try to create contrast between your clothes and background without clashing.

5. Busy Patterns

Patterned clothing is also an easy way to grab attention on camera, or you may not think about how a pattern will look on camera. Busy patterns distract other attendees from your face and can even create disorienting visual effects. 

Clothing in solid colors is the best choice for virtual meetings. It is also easier to select backgrounds that complement your outfit when you only have to factor in one or two colors.

Alternative Colors To Consider for Your Virtual Meeting

Neutral colors like gray or blue are typically the best solid background colors. You can choose a lighter or darker shade based on the occasion. A neutral palette can also complement most clothing. Try out any background color on camera before a meeting to see whether the lighting in your environment makes some colors look better than others.

Follow these general guidelines to determine which background colors to avoid and which colors will look the best during virtual meetings. Professional virtual backgrounds offer more visual interest than a solid color. Make a good impression during your next virtual meeting by selecting a solid background in a neutral shade or displaying your business logo on a free or premium virtual office background.


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The tips on virtual meeting background colors are really helpful. I'll be sure to avoid the distracting hues and instead opt for a more neutral background that complements my location and clothing. Thanks for the insightful advice!

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