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Why Is Remote Work So Controversial? 3 Reasons Why Remote Work Is Here To Stay

Updated: Jun 11

The remote revolution began as a necessity, but with normalcy returning to the workforce, some say it’s no longer necessary. Indeed, the push to replace virtual jobs with in-person positions has made remote work an incredibly controversial topic. There are many reasons why virtual jobs are here to stay, though — and why that’s a good thing.

Work-Life Balance

One of the biggest reasons online employees enjoy working remotely is its superior work-life balance. Many professionals waste hours every week simply commuting to and from their jobs, but remote jobs allow this precious time to be reclaimed. With the extra time, many people find that they can exercise, socialize, read, and enjoy hobbies — thus establishing the work-life balance that in-person work often prohibits. This can reduce stress and minimize the likelihood of eventual burnout.

Work-life balance is also essential because it protects employees’ health and well-being. Studies have shown that in-person work environments contribute to chronic stress linked to ailments such as hypertension, digestive upset, and general aches and pain. Employees who suffer from these issues will struggle to maintain a high level of productivity, and more importantly, it will have long-term consequences on their health.

People who work remotely are happier and healthier for a reason, but research suggests they’re also more engaged with their work. This contradicts the image some people paint of a lazy work-from-home employee who accomplishes minimal work throughout the day. Working remotely often incentivizes employees to invest in their work further. Without the micromanagement of a boss hovering in the office, many workers feel free to try new things and explore new opportunities within their job. This level of freedom can contribute to a better work-life balance, too.

Hire a Diverse Group of Employees

Yet another essential benefit of working remotely is the environment of inclusion that it makes possible. Many people with disabilities are excluded from traditional work opportunities because they don’t have the mobility to commute to an in-person job. Remote work-from-home jobs offer an excellent solution to this problem and allow a diverse group of employees to pursue work. Job candidates with disabilities are just as qualified as any other applicant, and virtual work opportunities ensure they get a fair shot.

Studies show that employees with disabilities are an asset to companies because they often display a greater sense of loyalty and thus help to minimize turnover. Employees who quit are costly to a company because of the recruitment and hiring campaign that must follow — and the training period after a hire is made. Hiring candidates with disabilities is a great way to boost diversity, but it’s often also beneficial to a company’s budget.

In addition to recruiting candidates with different abilities, you can increase your team’s diversity by recruiting in other areas. Since a remote job is not tied to a single physical location, you can open your job search to people around the country and worldwide, too, if it’s appropriate for the position. Cultivating a workforce filled with people from different locations can contribute to a more diverse assortment of ideas.

Higher Productivity Rates

Perhaps the most persuasive argument in favor of working remotely is the incredible boost in productivity it can generate. Indeed, when workers are allowed the flexibility to work where they want, many can accomplish much more than they would in an office environment. This makes sense, given that pressure and productivity are often inversely proportional, and the in-person workplace tends to be a high-pressure environment.

In addition to the apparent benefit that higher productivity offers companies, it can also improve employees’ overall satisfaction with their work. Workers who don’t accomplish anything are more likely to be dissatisfied and frustrated in their positions. By contrast, productive employees will likely feel satisfied with their work. When your staff is filled with positive and productive team members — as it’s likely to be when you invest in remote job opportunities — it’s a sign that you’re doing something right.

You can boost productivity rates even further by incentivizing top performers. Some remote workers feel the social aspect of work is missing in the virtual environment but hosting award ceremonies and other mini-events can replicate the camaraderie in person. You can focus events like these on the remote employees who have accomplished the most and maintained high productivity. Even in a remote environment, positive reinforcement is a powerful tool.

You can see your company thrive by recognizing the value of remote jobs. Encourage employees’ work-life balance, diversify your workforce, and see better productivity rates by allowing employees to work online.



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