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10 Realistic Virtual Backgrounds for Video Calls [High-Resolution Professional]

If you are like most people today, Zoom has become a regular part of your work life. As companies realized the value of remote staff, digital meetings expanded. Whether you are an owner or an employee, you likely need a more professional background for your conferences. Check out these virtual backgrounds for Zoom.

1. Denver

You can also choose a custom Denver background with a minimalist space. Behind you, your audience will see a black wall with a white shelf turned sideways as if in a corner. Look for small white planters at the bottom of the wall. Simple gray seating enters the frame on the right. However, the real magic is the Denver cityscape in the huge floor-to-ceiling windows perpendicular to the black wall, contrasting with the white ceiling and simple lighting.

Your company logo will appear centered on the back wall, making it the focal point.

2. Toronto

Toronto is a realistic Zoom virtual background in shades of gray, black, and white with hints of green in the plants. This background is comfortable, with a large white coffee table flanked by two large gray sofas, one against a dark gray wall and the other against a floor-to-ceiling window. Although the window looks out over a city, no real scenery exists.

Center your logo on the gray wall at the back of the frame.

3. Prague

Prague is a simple background with a plant on the left, part of a brown chair on the right, a gray rug beneath, and a sparse brown shelf in the background. Your logo holds a very prominent position on the back wall, which looks somewhat textured. It will be large and fill much of your screen.

4. Bangkok

The Bangkok virtual background is somewhat utilitarian. It has clean lines and white furniture and objects on a background comprised of shades of gray. Your logo appears backlit from the window in front of two back-to-back glass desks.

Although there is a doorway, it is empty. Despite the slightly skewed boxes, which make it appear more realistic, the space appears minimalistic and well-organized, lacking clutter. The desk chairs appear pulled out as if their owners had just stepped away on an important mission.

5. Rome

Rome has white walls, a large window, a simple table in front of two modern chairs, and what looks like the back of two laptops. A small stool sits beside the table. A gray and white marbled wall on the right provides texture to the room. Your logo sits along the back wall just behind a standing lamp and next to a floor-to-ceiling window with what appears to be white blinds.

6. Vegas

Vegas appears to position you so your camera looks somewhat down a hallway. The right-hand wall is a deep gray, and the right-hand wall is white. A floor lamp behind gray seating moves in a serpentine shape with a small white table in front. A pouf also sits beside the table. Your logo displays prominently along the white wall at the center of the background.

7. Manila

The Manila Zoom virtual background is a lovely office space. A gray conference table and chairs push in from the right. Behind the table is a white-gray wall with two shelves. The white shelves appear to have white boxes that are slightly askew.

Next to the shelves on the left, you will position your logo, which will stand out from the blank wall. On the left and into the foreground, you will see a floor-to-ceiling wall of windows, but the skyline in the windows appears obscured. The floor is a beautiful wood chevron pattern that adds texture to the scene—the light peaks in from the top of the background, highlighting your logo.

8. Miami

Miami’s background is dramatic. On the left, it has a floor-to-ceiling window with black framing, but the windows also appear dark. It may look out to another office space or over the city after dark. No cityscape or skyline shows through the window. The back wall is a rich gray with a large space for your logo, making it a critical focal point in the background.

The lower part of the wall has cabinetry in a pleasant blond wood color. In the foreground, you will see white chairs and black computer screens around a four-person table with a half wall on either side.

9. Manchester

The Manchester background is cozy. It appears more like a home or a more casual office space. Just behind you on the right is a loveseat with a set of unique rounded triangle-shaped coffee tables. The pillows contrast the white couch and the grey door just behind. The mirror reflects a homier room.

On the left, you will find a modern table with four chairs and another mirror. Your logo extends into the room on a white portion of the wall in the left-hand corner, just above and to the left of the dining room table. The natural colors and wood flooring create an inviting environment, while the tray ceiling and elegant drapes and furnishings suggest luxury.

10. New York

The New York virtual background is busier than some of the others. You see a white desk on the right with a black chair. Behind the desk are large shelves. In front of the desk sits two white chairs.

In front of the wall on the left, you find a couch with a short table in front of it and a side table with a lamp beside it. The white wall and a row of cabinets along the top of the wall offset the black. Your camera appears to face a floor-to-ceiling window that is half-shaded with a seating area beneath the shade. You can position your logo along the white shade at the top half of the window.

You don’t have to create your own virtual space or move your office space around to give you an appealing background. Check out all the realistic virtual spaces available and choose the one that best reflects your style and the atmosphere you hope to portray.


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