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10 Virtual Backgrounds To Brighten Your Office Background for Summer

Virtual backgrounds filter out distractions so your fellow callers don't have to deal with passersby or pets. Many professionals use branded backdrops to create a professional image, and some companies even provide custom backgrounds for this purpose. However, there's nothing wrong with changing things up a little if your employer allows it. Updating your background to match the season can boost morale and make meetings more exciting.

Why You Should Switch Up Your Virtual Background

Switching your background is easier than you may think; many video conference programs provide a variety of free background images, allowing you to customize your experience. If you can't find one you like, you can look for pictures online — check the use limitations first to avoid running afoul of copyright law.

Why go through the trouble of changing a perfectly good background? Making minor alterations is an excellent way to showcase your style, illustrate your knowledge of current trends and create a new professional image.

Express Yourself

Expressing your creativity is a great way to connect with others. When people feel you open up to them, they're more willing to open up to you. This mutual connection can help teams work together effectively and even grow friendships outside work.

Of course, there are limits to expressing yourself in a professional setting. For example, if you meet with clients, you want to wear attire befitting your role to assure them of your competence, and sometimes, leave your favorite sports jacket or bright pink lipstick at home.

In contrast, your background has more creative leeway. As long as the image is inoffensive and meets company rules, you can showcase your interests:

  • Favorite sports

  • Preferred colors

  • Beautiful landscapes or cityscapes

An eye-catching background is also a great way to break the ice, especially if you don't know much about the people you're meeting. The image gives others a touch point for small talk, easing the way toward building rapport.

Stay Trendy

Trends move fast on the internet, and illustrating your understanding of popular design may be necessary to your industry. Even if you don't work in fashion or marketing, staying trendy presents you as a stylish and sophisticated professional who stays up-to-date on current cultural movements.

Updating your background seasonally also shows that you care about details. It's a small effort, but clients and coworkers will notice — and potentially come to you when they need an eye for detail.

Our Top 10 Backgrounds for Summertime

A summer-inspired background can help you appreciate the season, even if you can't hit the beach at the moment. To brighten up your video conference calls, try out one of these ten fantastic background ideas:

  1. Palm Trees: Create a California feel with the image of palm trees swaying against a blue sky.

  2. Wildflowers: Bring color to your video conference with your favorite summer blossoms.

  3. Cabanas: Pretend you're on a tropical vacation with a cabana background.

  4. Ocean Sunset: Embrace nature's beauty with a gorgeous seaside sunset.

  5. Infinity Pools: Bring luxury into the office with glittering images of infinity pools.

  6. Sandy Beach: Use a classic summer backdrop to give your Zoom meetings a vacay atmosphere.

  7. Pool Floats: Make conferences more whimsical with a background featuring funny, colorful pool floats.

  8. Crystal-Clear Ocean Surf: Feature a perfect shoreline in your next meeting for a relaxing experience.

  9. Outdoor Cafe: Pretend you're sipping coffee in Europe with a sunny cafe background.

  10. Picnic: Lush grass and blue skies are the perfect background for a lunchtime Teams meeting.

Changing your background is a quick and easy way to shake up mundane video meetings. You can make a great impression and even boost your perception as a competent professional with a few clicks.


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Transform your virtual workspace with these 10 vibrant summer-themed backgrounds! As JD Young Technologies understands the importance of innovation, these background options add a refreshing touch to remote work setups. Just as JD Young values customer relationships, these creative solutions bring a sense of joy and positivity to the virtual office. Kudos to the creators for providing a burst of summer vibes to brighten up our digital workspaces.

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