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6 Professional Office Backgrounds for Attorneys

Zoom and other online meeting software have become more common for meetings across industries. Legal proceedings have also been moved to online meetings for some cases. Legal pros must always look professional, wearing a suit just in case they need to make a court appearance. For Zoom, they should set up an attorney office background that also appears professional.

Using Zoom for Your Legal Meetings

Attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants, and other professionals in this industry have to connect with various people in their work. Lawyers have to first meet with clients for consultations to help them understand their cases and give them advice. They must also periodically meet with clients to develop a strategy for the case and provide guidance. When they meet virtually, they need a professional attorney office background so clients trust them with their cases.

Attorneys also spent time meeting with other legal professionals, especially during settlement negotiations. Using a lawyer background on a Zoom call may be much more strategic and help give the upper hand. Judges expect lawyers always to maintain professionalism when a court case is scheduled for a virtual conference. An attorney Zoom background ensures the court case will not have distractions that could impact the outcome.

Here are six backgrounds lawyers can use for their work:

1. Denver

A lawyer must appear trustworthy and knowledgeable about the law when trying to get a new client. The Denver lawyer background is a great option that could help demonstrate professionalism and expertise. This attorney Zoom background features a sleek office with a large window overlooking the mile-high city. You can add your law firm’s logo to help potential clients remember your name.

2. Bangkok

Bangkok is another lawyer's office background that works well when meeting virtually with clients. This background features a modern office setting in neutral grey, black, and white. The setting has a set of glass desks and your law firm’s logo on the side. The minimalist look won’t distract you and your client from the goal.

3. London

Lawyers often meet with the other side’s legal representation to discuss topics and propose agreements. The lawyer's background London could be an excellent choice for a virtual meeting with the opposing team. This background features a conference table and muted colors, with the city of London peeking behind the shades. Your firm’s logo can be displayed on the wall as a prominent reminder of your brand.

4. New York

Lawyers must also maintain their licenses and periodically take professional development classes to expand their knowledge. These classes and workshops are often provided in a virtual setting for convenience. When attending a credit class for your profession, use a lawyer office background New York. This background is a cozy office with a couch and a desk. It’s simple and elegant for any type of meeting.

5. Manila

The next meeting that lawyers may take virtually is for mediation. Mediation is sometimes used in the legal profession when two sides ask a third party to help them reach an agreement. For this type of online meeting, use attorney Zoom background Manila. This muted background has a meeting table, black chairs, and a frosted window with the city in the background.

6. Rotterdam

The last type of virtual meeting in a lawyer’s repertoire is a court appearance. Judges have strict rules for decorum in their courtrooms. Attorneys must use a simple and professional lawyer's office background, such as Rotterdam. This background has two leather chairs against a logo-embellished wall.

If you frequently attend Zoom meetings through your law firm, you need a professional attorney office background. These backgrounds allow lawyers to work from virtually anywhere and appear professional and knowledgeable to clients and court officers.


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