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What Is the Best Background for Video Recording?

Updated: Mar 6

Do you shoot and post videos online? You may have started using your room as your background. However, you probably quickly realized that your background could become a distraction or cause negative reviews of your videos. However, creating the right atmosphere often involves more than choosing the best background color for video recording. These are some tips to help.

Choosing the Best Background for Your Video

Your background directly impacts the story you tell and how you tell it. You must have some kind of background, but it should be professional. You may become overwhelmed as you search for the best background for video recording. However, the primary choice comes down to two questions. Do you want to use a real background or a fake one?

You can choose a virtual background of many different locations as well. These backgrounds may blur, leaving you crisp and clear. You can also choose virtual office spaces, windows overlooking big cities, reception areas, or any other environment. You may also create a hanging background or shoot in an actual location.


Types of Video Backgrounds To Consider

When you consider background for video recording, you have a few options. Paper backdrops allow you to focus the audience on yourself. You will find plain, seamless paper options in one color or some with patterns, such as bricks, stones, wood, or other patterns. If you don’t like paper, you can use seamless curtains made from wrinkle-resistant fabrics in the same way. You may even find collapsible backgrounds that you can store easily and pop open when needed.

Consider a virtual or staged office environment if you want a more professional environment. These options are great for events, professional videoconferences, testimonials, and day-in-the-life videos. Make sure the office looks authentic and supports your brand image. Remove anything that could distract your audience, especially clutter, and don’t allow people to walk behind you during your video shoot.

You can also choose an outdoor location, provided the weather cooperates. The natural light is a true bonus in these videos, especially before sunrise or just after sunset, when the light is warmer. However, avoid shooting in a way that your camera looks into the sun, so shoot in the shade. Also, explore your filters for the best shots.

Tips for Choosing the Right Video Background

Whether you choose a background screen for video recording or use a real location, the goal is to minimize the clutter and keep the focus on you. Eliminate anything that takes the focus off of you. Also, make sure your background reflects your intended purpose and industry.

First, consider your color. Avoid distracting bright colors, such as orange, yellow, or red. Even if you have a bubbly personality and want to show it, these colors can negatively impact your video. Instead, consider neutral colors like blues, greys, tans, and soft whites. Not only do they look great on camera, but they are also easy on your audience’s eyes. You can add splashes of color through plants or other accessories.

Upgrade your lighting. Avoid any light shining behind you, but put light shining at you behind the camera. You may also have lights on either side of you so you avoid shadows. Also, frame the camera intentionally to eliminate anything you don’t want your audience to see.

As you prepare your next video, spend some time creating the right background. It may take some time, but you will also have an environment that works for future videos.



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