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Tips for Asking Your Boss To Work Remote

Remote work has expanded significantly in the last few years, but many companies have called their employees back into the office. Managing a remote workforce is challenging, so just send an email request if you want to work remotely. These are some tips you should consider.

1. Request a Meeting in Person

If you wish to ask for the opportunity to work remotely, you should do so in a professional setting, like a sales pitch. This requires an in-person meeting. You should also strategically choose the time for your meeting and request. For example, avoid requesting this type of work if you are new to the company. Also, choose a time when you or your team experienced significant success, such as completing a large project.

2. Do Your Research & Show Up Prepared

If you want to request that your position become one of the company’s remote work-from-home jobs, you need to do some research. First, investigate how your company can benefit from you working from home. Research remote work productivity and how many companies in your industry and people in your job work this way. Discuss how this type of work impacts employee happiness and morale.

Investigate your industry. Discuss companies that have successful remote programs, particularly your employer’s competitors.

3. Highlight Your Achievements & the Benefits of Working Remotely

When you speak with your manager, show a clear history of success and achievement. Discuss your role in major projects and any awards or accolades you received. Share how the company will benefit from your work strategy.

Discuss your productivity and how you will maintain or improve it. Review your request from your manager’s perspective so you can anticipate any questions or concerns your supervisor may have. Then, use reputable research to address these concerns.

Consider how your team may benefit from your at-home work. Be honest about the company’s fears, and use statistics and research to address these concerns.

4. Create a Clear Work From Home Plan

Part of how to ask to work remotely is developing a work plan. First, outline your daily schedule. You also need a way to track your productivity. You may need to invest in or encourage your company to invest in project management software that allows real-time progress updates. Your communication with your team and manager will change so that you may discuss virtual meetings, emails, and text-based communication options.

You need to have clear goals. Your plan should discuss your role within the company. Talk about your responsibilities. Discuss how you will work better and accomplish more if you move to a remote status. Talk about your home office and how it is conducive to increased productivity.

You will likely need a few things from your employer, so after you discuss your assets, such as computer equipment, desk, WIFI, etc., build a request for the equipment and software you need from your employer. You must also discuss your security and consider a VPN and encryption plan. Your IT department can help you build this part of your plan.

5. Suggest a Trial

You can also build some trust by suggesting a trial period. Consider a few days a week or a few weeks as a trial. Then, actively communicate with your manager and team during this period. Take advantage of face time when you are in the office. Remember that much communication is nonverbal, so ask for clarification rather than making assumptions about email and other virtual messages. Make sure you stay flexible, especially initially.

Now that you know how to ask your boss to work remotely, you can start building your strategy and work-from-home plan. Focus on the benefits for your company and any concerns your manager may have to create the most persuasive pitch.



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