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Virtual Backgrounds for Telehealth Providers

If you work in the healthcare industry, you have probably experienced increased telehealth usage. You may have rural or elderly patients or some who just need a consultation that you can see during a video conference. You may have started in your office or at home, but you likely know the value of a professional background now that this trend is here to stay.

Where To Find Free Virtual Backgrounds for Telehealth

If you seek a simple background for telehealth, you can find many sources of free virtual backgrounds. A computer program or application creates and applies these backgrounds to your location. You may have used filter technology in your social media photos or understand how green screen technology works. Virtual backgrounds are somewhat similar.

While your background remains the same, you can move around, and your audience can still see you. You may choose to blur your background and only keep your face clear. You can also use a single color as your background or choose simple, free backgrounds, such as a white minimalist environment with a simple wall, cabinet, and chair. A plant may throw in some additional color.

You can also appear as if you sit in front of a bookcase, modern office, or apartment. You could go even more straightforward with a simple lamp or houseplant in the background. To find free backgrounds, conduct a Google search on your computer. Just make sure the photos are high-quality and usable for commercial purposes.

Where to Find Premium Customizable Telehealth Virtual Backgrounds

Telehealth providers need strong equipment and setups to maintain professionalism and give their clients a good impression. You need a background that reveals your professionalism. You may have to pay for a premium, customizable background, however.

Positioning your brand logo or name in the background requires a customizable option. These often start with a blank canvas, such as a wall with minimal furniture and distractions. You can add plants, shelves, chairs, or anything else.

You can find these backgrounds by searching for premium, customizable virtual backgrounds. Look for reputable companies that offer high-quality options with easy customization capabilities. You may find options at Canva, TechRepublic, or videoconferencing platforms like Microsoft Teams. At Custom Virtual Office, we offer free and premium backgrounds as well.

Types of Professional Virtual Backgrounds To Consider for Your Telehealth Practice

The key to a professional background for doctors is to keep your audience focused on you. You need your patients to hear and understand what you need to say to them. Therefore, consider a simple bookcase or a nice-looking filing cabinet. You can include your framed diplomas, a photograph, or a painting. Plants add warmth and earthiness, but if you add a lamp, ensure it is not turned on and does not cause a halo effect.

Consider looking at your virtual background options from your client’s perspective and choose the best option for them. For a professional video call space, consider a noise reduction application. Also, make sure your background isn’t cluttered. Invest in proper lighting, and choose colors that calm and appeal to your audience.

Choose one main background that works with all your patients. They may find this consistency more comfortable. You can have additional background options for other video call purposes, such as conferences, collaborations with other medical professionals, etc. You may even test a few and monitor your audiences’ reactions.

You can find high-quality, attractive virtual backgrounds all over the web today. Search through your options to choose the backgrounds that make you feel and look professional, approachable, and dedicated to your patients and work.

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