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Fixing the Zoom Time Limit

As much of the world shifted to remote work, platforms such as Zoom made communication and collaboration possible. While many of Zoom's signature features are available for no cost, Basic free accounts do have a meeting time limit. So, what's the Zoom time limit, and what sort of workarounds are available? Keep reading to learn more


How Long is the Zoom Meeting Time Limit?

Zoom explains how time limits work. Meetings automatically end at the time limit, which depends on the type of account used by the host:

  • Basic (Free): 40 minutes

  • Paid (License and On-Prem): 30 hours

Some meetings may end sooner. Those started by a host with a Paid license may end after 40 minutes if only one person remains in the meeting and no one else joins after that point.

When Did the 40-minute Time Limit Go into Effect?

The 40-minute time limit on Basic meetings has existed for several years. Many users with free Basic accounts may not have noticed these limits until spring 2022. Zoom clarifies that the change occurred in May 2022, when it set the duration for one-on-one meetings hosted by Basic users to 40 minutes.

So, What Exactly Changed?

Before May 2022, users with Basic free accounts may have not been aware of or remember the 40-minute limit. That's because Zoom suspended this limit during the pandemic to support users from K-12 educational institutions. Zoom now offers educational licenses for primary, secondary, college, and university users.

What Does That Mean for Free Users?

Zoom mentioned that this change "creates a uniform 40-minute meeting duration limit for all meetings hosted by Basic (free) users on all account types." The limit now affects Basic user-hosted meetings, including group meetings and personal meeting rooms. Thankfully, Basic users are not restricted in the number of meetings they can host.

How To Break the Time Limit Without Subscribing

Upgrading to a paid account is one way to get around the 40-minute free Zoom time limit. But what if you don't have the budget to upgrade or don't wish to at the moment? Many users have implemented a common workaround: multiple consecutive meetings.

How does the multiple-meeting hack work? It's pretty simple. You schedule consecutive meetings to cover the time frame needed for your purpose or agenda. For instance, if you need a one-hour meeting, you could schedule a 40-minute meeting immediately followed by a 20-minute one. As long as your participants have both meeting links, you're golden.

Zoom FAQs

The 40-minute meeting limit is one of many things Zoom users encounter on the platform. You can use a few different hacks to improve your user experience.

How can I share my screen?

After joining or starting your meeting, click the "Share Screen" button in your meeting control panel. Then, choose the screen or application you want to share and click the "Share" button. You can share application windows, portions of your desktop, or your entire screen.

How can I use a virtual background?

To upload your virtual background, select your profile picture in the application and click Settings->Backgrounds and Filters. Then select the "+" icon, choose the image you want from your local device, and click "Open."

How can I use a logo-branded background?

Virtual Office lets you easily apply your organization's logo to any background. Select your background, upload your logo, and your background will be ready within minutes. After downloading it to your local device, you can upload it to Zoom.

Making the Most of Your Meetings

It's hard to imagine today's telecommuting environment without video conference platforms like Zoom. From the Zoom free time limit to virtual backgrounds, their unique features impact how we do meetings. Knowing how to use their features is vital to getting the best meeting experience.


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